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Another 2021 Anniversary: Obsidian Fleet’s 20th

2021 has been the year for anniversaries. However, there’s another that happened this past summer: Obsidian Fleet marked their 20th on July 25th. One of the first fleets to initiate recurring Discord celebrations, they held their 5th annual Obsidian Day on July 24th, which included simming and a lot of prizes!

Obsidian Fleet was founded back in 2001 after a split from another group. Two things about that event are striking to me. One, they didn’t just create a carbon copy of their mother group. They went on to develop a unique culture that evolved over time while still staying true to their founding principles of creative and character freedom. Second, while many splits in simming often lead to resentment, and sometimes all out conflict, Obsidian Fleet almost immediately made peace and even began working on common goals with the club from which they emerged–this was unheard of in the early 2000s. Perhaps this is why the club has endured, more than 20 years later.

Today, Obsidian Fleet boasts dozens of sims across four Task Forces. They spread the gamut of Trek and offer nearly everything in terms of style and type. Continuing their spirit of innovation, they added their first non-Trek sims this year and continue to sponsor Khitomer Conference. From one fellow simmer, congratulations to our friends at Obsidian Fleet on their incredible 20th anniversary this year!