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How to host an event at SciWorld


Calling all text based Roleplayers! The annual SciWorld Online Convention is just around the corner. Mark your calendars for May 5th & 6th and join in the fun!

Interested in hosting a trivia, discussion or live RP? Fill out this form ASAP ( and a member of the organizing committee will get back to you. Read More


25 Years, The Evolution of a Club

star fleet 25 years

A Star Trek fan group and a 90210 fan group went to battle on Prodigy.

Sounds more like a lead-up to a joke than a legacy, but then again, as they say, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Read More


Does your character have to be likable?

Gul Dukat roleplay character

Some characters we love to hate

Written by Lindsay Bayes at

Perhaps you started out with the idea, or maybe your character just happened to work out that way after you got started, but there are times when you have a character that others just can’t stand. Maybe it’s their attitude or their actions that alienate other characters, but for whatever reason, real or imagined, they just aren’t that likeable.

So is it a problem?

Not necessarily, if you play it right. Read More