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Top Blog Posts of 2021

When we bid 2020 farewell one year ago, we hoped for better things in 2021. Unfortunately, I’m not sure it played out that way. Moreover, due to the ongoing pandemic, we’re going to have to put off our plans for an IRL Simming Get Together indefinitely. Should conditions change to allow us to hold the event, we will provide advance notice here.

But 2021 wasn’t all bad. There actually was quite a bit to celebrate. In fact, you could say that 2021 was the year of anniversary celebrations as four clubs marked significant milestones:

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30 Years of STF: 1991-2021

Main banner/logo from April 22, 1998 (

A few weeks ago I got to celebrate the 20th anniversary of my home club. But how about a 30th anniversary?

As far as I can tell, today is the 30th anniversary of the founding of STF, which likely makes it the oldest club still in existence, if not ever. According to a 1994 history by Jim Midyette, what would eventually come to be known as the Star-Fleet Sim Club (and later STF) began on July 21, 1991 on Prodigy when a group of Star Trek fans decided to return fire against some 90210 fans:

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Announcing the latest Simming Prize laureates

The Trustees of the Simming Prize are honored to announce our latest laureates:

* Charles Star of Independence Fleet – For his unprecedented contributions to the simming community. As a founder and long time leader within Independence Fleet, Charles has personally sponsored the launch of 21 sims and commanded 10 within the club. During his time as IDF CinC in the early 2000s and as Chief of Fleet Ops from 2010 – 12 he oversaw exceptional growth within the club. More recently, Charles has been a primary a leader within the larger simming community, serving as the administrator/coordinator for SciWorld, FallFest, the Tournament of Simulations, and the Squiddie and OWCH awards. He is a member of the OngoingWorlds Board of Advisers, and has been the instigator of community wide April Fools jokes. Charles is also a storehouse of simming knowledge, and has been a primary contributor to the Roleplay Wiki and the OngoingWorlds Blog. Read More


25 Years, The Evolution of a Club

star fleet 25 years

A Star Trek fan group and a 90210 fan group went to battle on Prodigy.

Sounds more like a lead-up to a joke than a legacy, but then again, as they say, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Read More