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2018 Simming Prize Winners Announced!

This article was posted at the request of John Nugra, the Administrator of the Simming Prize.

The Simming Prize dates back to 1999 in honoring the very best of the online role playing community.  Up to five Prizes are awarded annually to people, sims, clubs, and other organizations that (1) exemplify service, quality, and dedication within play-by-post online role-playing; or who (2) pioneer new technology or techniques within the community. The Prizes can recognize a significant onetime accomplishment, or sustained contributions over a period of time.  The Simming Prize is presented in the memory of longtime role player and leader Seth Cotis.  

After careful consideration and thoughtful deliberation, the Simming Prize trustees and judges hereby award the 2018 Simming Prize to:

These winners are all now entitled to use the honorific Simming Prize Laureate.  Congratulations to each for their excellent contributions to the simming community!  To view the specific award citations, please visit the official Simming Prize website.

Submit your 2019 Simming Prize nominations today!

That’s right, it’s time to also nominate the best of the best of 2019.  Use this form to nominate a person, sim, club, or something else entirely for a Prize.  Nominations will be accepted through May 31st.  The judges will begin deliberations in June and will announce the winners shortly thereafter.  If you’re unsure how to write up a nomination, here are some good tips.

May 31st may seem like far away, but don’t delay!  Get your nominations in today!