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OngoingWorlds is changing its name

The new homepage

It’s pretty much obvious to everyone that this was an April Fools day joke, but I’ll leave it here for you to read:

OngoingWorlds creator, David “Onion” Ball has decided to give up making websites for a simpler life of herding beef & dairy cattle, and is planning on changing the name to match this lifestyle.

The new name will be OnCOWingWorlds, and the following games will be renamed to be cattle-themed:

The Story Forge > The Dairy Forge

Jackalope Crossing >Jackalope Cattle

OW Community Platform > COW Community Platform

Netfritia > Beef Fritters

Sliders: Unsolved Mystery > Steak Sliders

Blue Dwarf > Blue Steak

The name change will happen on the 1st of April 2019.

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So yeah… about that Virtual Reality statement…

Search for

So… yesterday I posted that the future of OngoingWorlds is Virtual Reality. If you haven’t seen that, read it here.

I’m sorry to tell you that this was an April Fools day joke. The next version of won’t be in 3D, you won’t have to wear a VR headset, and you won’t have to talk or act like your character! Read More


The future of OngoingWorlds is Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is cool. Take a look at this video:

Cool right? Imagine roleplaying in a virtual world that augments your own. Virtual reality isn’t anything new, there’s great devices like Oculus Rift that can immerse you into virtual reality.

OngoingWorlds is going to grasp this virtual reality future! Read More


April fools pranks on OngoingWorlds

Yesterday was the biggest trolling day in the calendar, and loads of companies played pranks on us. It was also the day that the evil Bill “Turnip” Spheres declared he was taking over OngoingWorlds, coincidence eh? Anyway this lead to Tib inventing and using the fantastic hashtag #PraiseTheTurnip (if you’ve not used it, go ahead and tweet it!).

Darwin the video game

Darwin video game

Perpetual Universes wasn’t the only jape on OngoingWorlds yesterday. Luke from Darwin announced that there will be a Darwin video game! The game will be made by Blaintendo and available for the Grigori Technologies 8-Bit Home Computer (this probably makes more sense if you’re a Darwin player!).  Read More


OngoingWorlds is changing its name to Perpetual Universes

Perpetual Universes

OngoingWorlds is changing its name to Perpetual Universes, and will be maintained by Bill “Turnip” Spheres. Read More


World Wide Sims April Fool’s day joke – interview with Charles Star

World wide sims

On April fools day this year, many sims took part in a shared April fools joke that is probably the most widely spread in simming history. You can see the threads about this on Band of Brothers here and Before the Mast in the screenshot below. The joke was orchestrated by Charles Star from Independence Fleet who I’ve interviewed him about the joke. Read More