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SciWorld 21 is coming!


So it is the time of year when you see information about another SciWorld; our twenty-first to be exact. As noted previously on Discord, we are happy to have co-hosts this year that hopefully will be able to add their own flair to SciWorld and make this year even more enjoyable than usual for you all. This year SciWorld will be hosted by RPG Writing and Star Army, with Amanda Rose and Wes, respectively, leading the charge as this year’s co-chairs.

When will this year’s event be?
June 24th 2023 at 10 AM Eastern/7 AM Pacific/2 PM UTC ( for help converting time )

What will be happening this year?
There will be a mix of voice presentations, text panels, and hopefully trivia this year. If you are interested in hosting a panel, please reach out to one of the co-chairs or post interest in #panel-signups in Discord.

Where will this year’s SciWorld be?
As with the last couple of events, in the interest of making things simple, all SciWorld’s will be hosted on the unified Discord. Here is an invite link:

How can I participate/help out?
We are always looking for people to host panels, advertise, spread the word, and be good community members by following the rules and contributing ideas and conversations before, after, and during SciWorld.

As always, if you have questions or need more information, feel free to join the Discord server at the link listed above, and someone from this year’s host organizations or SimmingHub will gladly help you. Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you at SciWorld 21 on June 24th.



FallFest 2022!


I am happy to announce that we have selected a host for this years FallFest. Theta Fleet after their great handling of SciWorld has volunteered to assist with FallFest! We are honored they have agreed to help and hope that people are as interested to se what this fall brings as we move closer to the event. The timing for this year will be adjusted a little bit to help free people’s time up for the holidays and so that schedules for organizers are workable for the hosting of FallFest. The date for this year’s FallFest is October 22nd 2022; a Saturday in keeping with tradition for these events. More information about panels, how to help out and the schedule for the event will be posted on Discord as we get closer to the date!



Project Khitomer online convention

The below was sent to me by Andrew Greenfelt from Bravo Fleet & this sounds like a great event to get roleplayers together! Here’s the info:

You are cordially invited to Project Khitomer on Saturday, February 23rd starting at 3pm GMT (10am EST). Khitomer is a unique, online swimming convention hosted by Bravo, Obsidian, and Pegasus Fleets on a dedicated Discord server. Read More


COMING SOON – Ongoing Worlds Image Contest

OW-IOMHey guys! Tib here. Right now I am announcing the first Ongoing Worlds Image Of The Month contest! The contest has not started yet so please don’t start to work on anything if you plan on competing. The contest will have a theme and those who wish to participate can create an image referring to the topic and an OW game of their choosing [One that they are a part of]. If you’re thinking about competing fill out the form below and let me know! Keep an eye on the blog for any updates relating to the contest and the contest start!  *Note that this contest is limited to OW members and OW games!*

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Tib’s Corner – My Ongoing Worlds Experience #KeepCalmKeepOngoing

header_monster3Hey guys, Tib here. Well, Happy New Years! But first, was 2013 really a year? It felt like a month didn’t it? Anyway. The year is over and a new one is here! And even though I haven’t even been here a year yet this site has just helped me so much and has given me so much fun in the past few months. My experience here has been amazing, I’ve had ups and downs and I’ve been screwed by so many online groups before but not by you guys. So before I get into what this is really about, all kidding aside, I want to say thank you, to all of you. OW is one of the reasons I wake up in the morning, without you guys I just wouldn’t have had the experience I’ve had here. The games, the camaraderie I’ve had with the members, the blog position, and just the writing overall. In the 6 months and 10 days I’ve been here, you guys have made it just unforgettable and so remarkable, thank you. Anyway, now that I’m past the part that made me choke up a bit. I want to know about your OW experience, from the beginning to now. Submit in the form and let the entire roleplaying your experience you’ve had with this site. The deadline for submissions will be January 8th, 2014 with a possible extension if needed. Read More


Big Ideas Week Roundup

Last week, the website SciFi Ideas ( hosted a special event entitled ‘Big Ideas Week’. Its purpose was to celebrate the website’s birthday, and to encourage readers to share their science fiction ideas. While they only received 3 article submissions, that didn’t stop them posting lots of great new content to the site, including a total of 15 new story ideas.

SciFi Ideas also gave Ongoing Worlds a playful nudge on the shoulder by posting an article about the science fiction games we’re currently hosting.

In case Big Ideas Week passed you by, here’s what you missed…

Debt World

An original story idea by David Ball, webmaster of Ongoing Worlds. The entire planet is in debt to a neighboring world. The only solution is for everybody to spend, spend, spend. Consumerism goes crazy and only one man seems to acknowledge the madness.

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And original story idea by Mark Ball. Valnia is a cruel story about long-distance relationships and the future of human evolution, found in the back of a closet a decade after it was written.

Read article.

SciFi Games at Ongoing Worlds

An article listing all the science fiction role-playing games currently running at Ongoing Worlds. Read More


Will you be looking forward to the “Day of Fudge”?

Lovely fudge

I don't mean this type of fudge...

Every year the first Saturday of June is the “Day of Fudge” where fans of the Fudge RPG system are encouraged to run Fudge game events out in public. This year it will be held on June the 4th.

What is Fudge?

Good question. Fudge is a tabletop roleplaying game, this blog doesn’t usually focus on tabletop roleplaying, we usually talk about Play-by-post games (or some people call them PBEMs or sims). In play-by-post games we prefer to concentrate on the story and our characters, rather than worrying about levelling up our characters XP, or rolling dice. So you might wonder why we’re talking about Fudge here?

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Multiverse IRC Roleplaying event – 13th May

Multiverse image

Six months ago I wrote an article about the last Multiverse roleplaying event. The event happens every six months, and the next event will be Friday May 13th – Sunday May 15th 2011.

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4 day IRC roleplaying event #multiverse

If you’re a roleplayer and use IRC, you might be interested in an event happening this week called #Multiverse. The event starts on 11th November and lasts for four days. Players from across many IRC networks and communities are invited to participate.

portal to another world

I asked Ryan from DarkMyst about the event and got this reply. As the event has already started, I’m just going to paste his reply below:

One of DarkMyst’s primary areas of focus right now is to bring the IRC role-playing community together and grow it. I am incredibly passionate about this and it’s become my personal mission to ensure its success. With the decline of IRC role-playing over the years and the struggles that it has faced, we have an opportunity to make a play to reinvigorate this wonderful community and bring folks together. That’s why #RPG-Hub was started – to make it easy for a new player to jump in, socialize with like-minded individuals, and find a game on DarkMyst that’s perfect for them. We do extensive advertising to promote the network and community on creative writing and role-playing websites, we are ranked top on Google for hundreds of text-based and IRC role-playing related keywords, and have an easy-to-use website that focuses on new players and bringing them into the community. The work that’s been put into things and the end result you see is a culmination of years of progress, and it’s starting to be noticed across the creative writing and role-playing communities.

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Flashback Week – write a flashback about your character in your own RPG

Old photograph of a child

With a Flashback you can write about your character’s early years, and how they became the character they are today.

What’s a Flashback?

A flashback is when you write about something that happened in your character’s life before the current story. It could be from the character’s childhood, and it could explain why their personality is the way it is now. It could explain why they are scared of spiders, why they hate the colour blue, why they don’t trust men with beards, or why they are such a bastard to everyone.

The flashback might relate to what your character is currently doing in the story, and might explain how they know a specific skill, or they might now meet a character from their childhood.

You might have written a flashback for your character before, or you might not have. It’s dead easy to do, just think about it, and start writing. But even though it’s so simple, you don’t always think about doing it. So why don’t we all do it at the same time?!

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