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SciWorld Starts Tonight

SciWorld 2012 begins tonight at 7:30 pm, EST and as such at the time of this writing is 12 hours away. After several hard long months of planning all we are waiting for is time to count down. During the event, we will work hard to provide you continuing coverage here (and maybe Facebook). This is about having fun so go out, take a friend or two with you and make some new ones as well as we have the festivities that we are proud to call SciWorld 2012, the tenth SciWorld in history.

  • Luke Ryan Herbert

    I have my talk tommorow 🙂 Excited -Luke Herbert

    • Me too! Mine starts at 8pm GMT

  • Tigra Tigress

    Yeah David…don’t think I didn’t miss the fact that you choose my event times for tomorrow for yours as well…

    • Oh yes so I did! Sorry I didn’t realise. Good luck with yours, have you got it all planned out what you’ll be talking about? Also how will your chats work, will they be a starting point for discussion, or a structured speech?

      • Tigra Tigress

        As much as I can, I prefer doing discussions where we can go back and forth.