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Tournament of Simulation Winners Announced

Joust-tournament-of-roleplaying-simsThe Tournament of Simulations is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s tournament.

Over the past six weeks, a dozen judges busily reviewed the nearly 50 games that chose to enter this year’s tournament.  Each game reviewed was compelling in its own right, full of dedicated players and entertaining stories.  Nothing should be taken away from those that took part but did not place; for in the end this year’s competition was extremely tight, with mere points separating first and second place, and many places beyond that.  In the end, the14 winning games, representing 8 groups, and spanning 10 genres, are representative of the diversity and creativity present throughout our entire gaming community.

Play-by-Post Games

Award GAME Club
Best Adventure/Fantasy Sim The Dark Cometh/CANIS UK Phoenix Roleplaying
Best Dr. Who Sim (tie) Dr. Who AJJE Games
Best Dr. Who Sim (tie) Dr. Who: The Triple First Phoenix Roleplaying
Best Firefly Sim The Elemental Phoenix Roleplaying
Best Historical Sim Before the Mast independent sim
Best Military Sim Fighter Ops Phoenix Roleplaying
Best Original SciFi Sim YSS Eucharis Star Army
Best Red Dwarf Sim Blue Dwarf independent sim
Best Star Trek Sim (tie) USS Victory Independence Fleet
Best Star Trek Sim (tie) USS Vigilant UFOP: StarBase 118
Best Star Wars Sim Star Wars: Shadow Squadron Federation Sim Fleet

Chat Games

Award GAME Club
Best Stargate Sim SG-10 Federation Sim Fleet
Best Star Trek Sim USS Exeter Federation Sim Fleet
Best Star Wars Sim Star Wars: Paragon Federation Sim Fleet

Congratulations to all the winners, and a special thank you to all the games and judges that took part this year.