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Some scene setting prompts from Starbase 118


There’s been a good article published recently on the Starbase 118 community blog, with some starting points which might encourage you to think about setting the scene in your own posts. They have some example paragrpahs showing how putting effort into describing the scene can make it seem so much more real, and I encourage you to take a look.

The article also lists prompts to use for setting the scene. These are really obvious, but often we as writers can often forget about some of the most obvious descriptions. Written by Kalianna Nicholotti, here’s the list:

Where does the scene take place?
What do the immediate surroundings look like?
What is the weather like (if they are outdoors)?
What time of day is it?
How does the character feel emotionally?
What do they feel physically ?
What do they hear and do the sounds remind them of anything?
What do your own and other characters’ facial expressions look like?
What are they physically doing at the moment?
Do the current events or scene remind them of anything else?
What can they smell and do the smells remind them of anything?
Can your character taste anything?

I hope this has encouraged you to think about adding a richer description in your next post 🙂