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Improvisation Challenge



I just recently experienced something truly fun and thought provoking at the same time on Facebook. It started off with the phrase “He walked into the bar, he found a seat and ate from the bowl of stale pub pretzels as he waited for the bartender to come his way.” and ended up being a random story about a man named Major Major and a woman with blue hair and time traveling to rebuild something called the Consulate. It was truly comedic yet it also kind of opened my eyes to a true challenge for a writer. Improvisation.

A good challenge for yourself is to find one plain sentence and turn it in to a story comedic or serious. It’s also a good skill to build on, a way of “adapting to your surroundings” if you will. Below I will include a couple of sentences you could try maybe in the comments below, as well as my little improvisation session on Facebook. I want to thank Meagan Bojarski for going along with the story even with how silly it got! It was fun!

Food For Thought

“The room was quiet and still. A book nearby”

“They sat silently on the balcony, the sunset coming over the canyon yonder.”

“The thumping of the bass and the lights flashing in his face proved this is a place they don’t want to be at.”

The Chronicles of Major Major and the Azure Haired Lady

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