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Dealing with powerful roleplay characters

Judge Dredd riding a dinosair riding a shark

Dealing with overly-powerful characters can ruin your day more than having “who let the dogs out” stuck in your head.

Arguments have ensued, games have been closed, all because someone plays a character who is waaaay too powerful, and it ruins everyone else’s fun. Maybe the character is a wreck-everything action hero, or maybe they’re just too clever for their age (I think this makes them a Mary Sue character).

We’ve written advice about this sort of situation, have a look through the links below:

Maybe subtly show these articles to the person who’s responsible for the overly-powerful character, and see if they realise their mistakes. Often people don’t know how disruptive they’re being, and just need a bit of gently advice.

Top image is Robocop riding a dinosaur riding a fire-breathing shark (of course it is!). By Tiger1313 on DeviantArt.