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FAQ – How do I get awards on my profile?

You might notice that some people have quite a few awards on their profile. Some of these are the normal, black trophy-looking awards, and some are the green ones with a shiny medal on (see the image below).

The awesome supporter trophy

User Threnody has an “Awesome supporter” award for donating

Encourage your moderators to give out more awards

Moderators of your game can give out awards. Some games give out more than others, it’s up to what your moderators decide. But here’s some ideas for what to award them for:

  • Best post of the month (or week etc)
  • A weekly writing challenge (
  • Special behaviour – (eg one player might have put more effort in than usual and deserves a reward)
  • A member’s 100th post (or 200th, 1000th etc)

If your moderators aren’t sure how to give an award, get them to see the guide here.

Get a special OngoingWorlds award

Sometimes I give out the special awards (the green one shown above with the shiny medal on). You can get one of these for: