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What’s the most random thing that ever happened in your roleplay?

dinosaur being eaten by rabbits

Random things happen. Fun things happen.

Sometimes it’s funny when really random things happen, and when there’s so many different players with different ideas, really random things happen in our roleplay games.

Tell us about the most random thing that ever happened in your game

Comment below!

  • Ali Green

    My friends tend to be quite serious, and thus it’s hard to get particularly bizarre moments.

    One of my male characters had a pregnancy scare once.

    Another character once piledrived a Japanese catschoolgirl by accident.

    He also once tried to turn himself into a ball of arms in a manner similar to Tetsuo at the end of Akira, because I wanted to be better at grappling enemies. The GM said no.

    • Maybe you should push the bounds of “seriousness” and add in a few random moments, sometimes real life is unpredictable, and sometimes unpredictable can be laugh-out-loud funny!

  • This story wasn’t my RP, but it was one I played on. And in a way, it wasn’t so much random as it was unexpected storytelling. I don’t recall the mission the away team was on when my character was planet-side. (This happened several years ago). In IM with the GM, I was told what kind of situation we were coming into. While unrelated to the events of the story, the two of us decided that we could replace my character with a changling.

    For the next year and a half, my character was, in reality, a Gamma Quadrant changling/founder. Even I forgot about it at times, which lead to an unfortunate incident when my character ended up fathering a child.

  • Jaxx

    Wow I actually have to rank my crazy events now. Lets see now there was a time when my character ate some gas inducing mushrooms in some curry and ended up farting so loud it was believed to be an earthquake in the far distance. Another one would a different character using plant magic to wrap his opponent with vines and then blew “Mary Jane” pollen dust at the opponent and had his fire fox ignite it to both burn the opponent and get him stoned 😉

  • Something happened in Estrangement this last week that made me absolutely laugh my arse off. PCs were in a church, faced with a nemesis, who spat a bug at a lady and dissolved her face, and the reaction from all three had me in hysterics. I am still laughing now. I was driving home from work literally howling laughing. Then the next thing, 9 swiss soldiers run into and shoot everyone up. It worked so well, there was this just this utter surreality and wtf sense to the entire flurry of posts, but it worked really well and really cohesively too.