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Let’s talk about mythical monsters…

Monsters of all shapes and sizes have been stalwarts of world folklore for thousands of years. They’ve become the villains of many a film and novel – and occasionally the heroes, too! Look no further than the stars of myths and legends for some antagonist inspiration.

The folks at The Sleep Matters Club have scoured the darkest dungeons and most fearsome fortresses to round up forty frightening figures from folklore around the world. What is particularly interesting about these beasts is that they only appear at night. Each monster has been awarded a danger rating, so you can tell how creepy they are before you dare to approach them.

On the lower end of the scare scale stands the Cornish Owl Man, said to inhabit the parish of Mawnan in Cornwall. Not unlike the Mothman of West Virginia, he boasts a pair of huge wings and glowing eyes.

A mid-range monster is the Bukavac, a six-legged Croatian demon with gnarled horns. A lurker of lakes and pools, he is claimed to emerge from the water making a loud noise.

Heading up the scale scale is the Dullahan, a headless horseman (or woman) who carries its head under its arm. It brings death wherever it goes, but enemies should know that it is frightened of gold.

Be careful, leave the night light on, and enjoy!

monsters of the night and where to find them

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