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Project Khitomer online convention

The below was sent to me by Andrew Greenfelt from Bravo Fleet & this sounds like a great event to get roleplayers together! Here’s the info:

You are cordially invited to Project Khitomer on Saturday, February 23rd starting at 3pm GMT (10am EST). Khitomer is a unique, online swimming convention hosted by Bravo, Obsidian, and Pegasus Fleets on a dedicated Discord server.

We have many exciting things in store. Engaging panels, interactive workshops, live simming events, enlightening discussion, and so much more.  

In an official statement from January 9th:

You know us as three strong, independent fleets. There’s a common perception that we hate each other, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In an era where social media and readily available comms, combined with a dearth of new source materials, have shrunk our player base and created some challenging conditions we’ve banded together to collectively further the interests of our communities and Simming as a whole.

Just as three major empires joined together for a peace summit, so will the three of us. You won’t want to miss this historic event. Gone are the days of being enemies and rivals. Now is the time for our three fleets to come together as friends. Project Khitomer is open to all members of the greater simming community: Bravo, Obsidian, Pegasus, and beyond. Our communities can only grow stronger when we work together. 

Our schedule has been posted on our website,, and our Discord link is available at the bottom of the webpage as well. While we do have many Trek-themed events, there will be something for everyone and every genre. And, we also have a few open panel and workshop slots. Anyone wishing to fill one of these slots is encouraged to reach out to greenfelt22 of Bravo Fleet on Discord. 

We hope to see you on Saturday, February, 23rd!