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Using Your Roleplaying Skills to Improve Your Creative Writing

This article was written for us by Marcela De Vivo. It mentions tabletop RPGs throughout, but applies also to play-by-post roleplay. 

Daring swordfights, fantastical adventures and questing, oh my! For the creative, innovative and artistically inclined, these things tend to magically drag us into turning our world upside down– making the impossible possible. And what better way to test our imagination than with a friendly (or not-so-friendly) enticing roleplaying game?
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Why Role Playing Games Improve Speech and Language Skills

Some dudes just sat on the grass, chillin

Role playing games (RPGs) have been around since the inception of Dungeons and Dragons in 1974, and have since developed into a variety of role playing games and scenarios in recent years.

Whether it’s a historical event, mythical place, exploration or some other type of experience, the idea behind an RPG is that you collaborate with real people to engage and immerse yourself in an imagined and theoretical world. Read More