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Summary: Responsible, by irresponsible means.

Jonah Gunner

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Group: Residents




Skilled hunter and fisherman

Physical Appearance

A handsome young man with medium length blonde hair and brown eyes often seen wearing an old leather jacket, shirt, and jeans.

Personality and interests

Jonah is a calm and collected individual who tends to think through his problems. He is mainly interested in caring for his friends and family, mainly is his sister Lisa, which also extends to his extended family in his cousins Tamara and Chris in the wake of his uncle's death.


Jonah lived most of his life outside of Crystal Waters, being raised by his alcoholic mother in rural Virginia. He was forced to quit school to raise his sister when his mother passed away, however that didn't equate to him being stupid. Jonah is incredibly gifted and intelligent, something he's used to ensure his sister is taken care of.

How he does that, however, is not entirely clear, but obviously entails illegal acts. Jonah, though mum as to how he learned to, knows how to pick locks, hotwire cars, and has proven to be more than capable in a fight.

How he got these skills is anyone's guess, but he has implemented them in more legitimate venues ranging from locksmith, repo-man, and bouncer.

He and his sister came to Crystal Waters upon hearing about the death of their uncle... Tam and Chris's father.

Favourite Sayings

"I got this handled..."

Favourite food

"A good cheeseburger."

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Image of Jonah Gunner
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