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Summary: Kind and rational

Shannon Glass

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Gender: Female

Age: 20

Group: Residents


Black American (1/2 Algerian, 1/4 Malawi, 1/4 Uganda African heritages)

There is about 1% or less white ancestry in her genetics since she's American.


Currently jobless, but is looking for one. Her skills include.... [tbc]

Physical Appearance


[character picture created from AI Generated Imagery]

Note - The character picture is probably not totally accurate according to her family tree, but is good enough.

Personality and interests

Generally quiet, with a gentle nature about her and is a sensible sort. She believes in the concept of fairness and in being fair whenever possible, not just to others but to herself as well.

Her interests include taking care of hermit crabs, +3 more interests....

Likes - Reading novels (adventure-type books and fictional stories that are based on real life with no otherworldly fantasy-ish/sci fi elements), getting fresh air when needed and some quiet time to herself. +2 more likes....

Dislikes - Unfairness (it makes her somewhat upset when/if she should encounter it, but is able to put it behind her well enough after about a day or so has passed), greasy foods (like hamburgers and french fries), injustice (in whatever form that happens to take), rudeness and huge messes that would take hours to clean up.

Alignment - Good



Shannon has two hermit crabs, these being a medium-sized hermit crab named Hermie and a large hermit crab named Clawford as pets that she takes good care of. She has had the hermit crabs for about 2 years now to the current date.

Favourite Sayings

"There is always hope."

+1 more saying....

Favourite food

-Pina Coladas (garnished with either a pineapple wedge and/or a maraschino cherry)
-Fruit Smoothies (any kind)
-Blueberry Muffins (something her mom used to make a lot when she was younger)
-A Bowl of Plain Cheerios (with milk on her cereal sometimes)

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