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Summary: Hermie, the hermit crab


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Gender: Male

Age: 3 years

Group: Pets





Physical Appearance

Hermie is a medium-sized hermit crab measuring about 2 1/2 inches, with a light blue shell that has a glossy sheen.

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Personality and interests


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Hermie was one of the pet crabs available for sale at the local pet store in town, having shared a habitat with at least ten other hermit crabs before he and Clawford (another hermit crab) were adopted by Shannon, their loving and gentle owner. He was about 1 year old when she bought him and his buddy Clawford and took them home with her. Since then, he has enjoyed a calm enough and contented existence in the terrarium that he shares with Clawford, the glass home of which is filled with colorful sand/substrate like yellow or blue for instance, a big enough wooden hut to go hide in when he wants to spend some time alone, about 1-2 pieces of driftwood to climb on at any given time, 2-3 extra shells for him to go into when needed, a bathing dish filled with treated water so he can stay hydrated and store some of that in the back of his shell for later on, as well as a couple of food and drink dishes with food and water in them. Sometimes there are even treats available, which he loves to eat.

Since then, around 2 years have passed, and Hermie is very happy and comfortable enough with his surroundings. He is now at the age of 3 years and is doing quite well, thanks to his attentive, caring mama and caretaker.

Favourite Sayings


Favourite food

Hermit crab treats, as well as tiny amounts of peanut butter and bits of iceberg lettuce.

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