Live-In Butler

River, being unable to stay to watch over Serenity all the time due to other parts of her job, had hired someone to watch over her sweet blond friend. It had taken some very careful interviews, selections and re-selections until she finally landed on a man named Jaybird Allen's.

Preferring the name Jay, he was very kind and never overstepped his boundaries. Yes, there were times he already had to see Serenity naked, but he never tried anything inappropriate with her. He was a gentleman the entire time.

With dark brown locks of hair that resembled the bark of a healthy tree and eyes as green as freshly cut grass, he was a handsome fellow. Even his physic was strong, yet elegant.

Jay had become the perfect live-in butler and aid.

It was when he was finishing his shower that he heard Serenity fall. Without thinking, he wrapped his towel around his waist and went to see what had transpired, only to find the young ice skater on the floor.

"Miss Winters," He spoke in that alluring and deep voice of his as he crouched next to Serenity and began to help her back to her feet. "You must be careful and make sure to use your crutches." One hand pressed to her waist, arm wrapped around her. The other fixed her hair for her.

"Where were you heading off to anyway?" He asked

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