Image of Dahlia St. Claire

Summary: Cult Leader

Dahlia St. Claire

Gender: Female

Age: 35 (actual 85)

Group: Malkavian


American of Slavic decent


Cult Leader

Auspex, Dementation, Obfuscate

Blush of Health
Church Ties
Deceptive Aura
Enchanting Voice
Higher Purpose




Insanity. split personality

Driving Goal (gather a following for the end of days)
Short Fuse
Stubborn (in her beliefs)

Physical Appearance

a beautiful but angry looking woman, with hair such a pale blonde it's nearly white, bright blue eyes. average height and slender.

Personality and interests

Suffers a from of Scrupulosity. Devoted to and idea she likely as not planted in her own head about the end times.


Very little is know about Dahlia, and anything that was her past she believes to not be. The Other person in her head is that person. Dahlia just woke up one day. That is as far back as her history goes as far as she's concerned.

Favourite Sayings

To be added.

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