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Summary: Owner of an Occult Bookstore

Lucille St. Claire

Gender: female

Age: 35 (actual 85)

Group: Malkavian


American of Slavic decent


Owner of a unique used book store with light focus on occult ligature

Auspex, Obfuscate, Dominate

Early Riser (1pt. Merit)
Friendly Face (1pt. Merit)
Useful Knowledge (1pt. Merit): Human's interpretation of occult
Eidetic Memory (2pt. Merit): Uses to copy books
Harmless (1pt. Merit)




Insanity. split personality

Tic/Twitch (1pt. Flaw):
Shy (1pt. Flaw)
Speech Impediment (1pt. Flaw): Slight lisp and stumbles over words when nervous
Phobia (2pt. Flaw): Hemophobia (Not on file)
Guilt-Wracked (4pt. Flaw): About Drinking Blood
Obsession (1, 2, or 5pt. Flaw): Recreating a certain book

Physical Appearance

A beautiful woman with large kind eyes, with hair such a pale blonde it's nearly white, bright blue eyes. average height and slender.

Personality and interests

Lucille in all regards from anyone you'd ask who knows her is a sweet and kind person. A bit quirky but nothing outright odd. Oddest thing about her is her store is only open at night, due to a medial condition so she claims. Her biggest obsession however is to compile a book that nobody has after hearing it spoken about by her sire.


Lucille loves running her little book store, despite it not making a lot of sales those that do shop there tend to spend enough she can pay the bills. She also sells online which helps as well. Life as a vampire can be very hard for her at times due to her Hemophobia. Requiring her to make special requests to have the bags sealed so she doesn't see the blood inside. Strangle in the last decade she's started losing days from time to time. Going to sleep on a Monday, and waking up on a Wednesday with her Tuesday blood having been drank. But she can't figure out why.

Favourite Sayings

No sayings.

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Image of Lucille St. Claire
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