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Summary: Grins like a kid and asks death to hold her beer. Misandrist and cynic. Secretly a softy.

Neev Kelly (Niamh o Ceallaigh)

Gender: Female/Femme

Age: Apparent Age 19 | Actual Age 37

Group: Ravnos


Bartender, Lore Teller, Car Repair, always wanted to be a Stunt Driver

Ambition: Pay back my first love for abandoning me.
Desire: Own my own bar, be my own boss.

Predator Type: Sandman (Auspex 1, Stealth: Break In, +1 Resources)
Jack of all Trades:
x3 - Subterfuge
x2 - Drive, Larceny, Stealth, Survival, Insight (Liars), Intimidation, Streetwise, Awareness
x1 - Athletics, Brawl, Firearms, Animal Ken, Etiquette, Persuasion, Investigation, Medicine, Occult, Technology

Animalism 0
Presence - beginner level - 7xp * - (I switched Retainer to Mawla below. They have Presence and have taught it to me.)
Chimerstry - beginner level
Auspex beginner level - from Predator Type: Sandman
Fortitude - beginner level

Advantages 9 (at least 7, then 1 for 1 with additional Flaws)
Eat Food x2
Looks: Beautiful x2
Malwa x2 - Ministry ancilla
Loresheet: Bahari x3 (Sacrifice the Child)
Resources x1 comes from Predator Type: Sandman

Flaws 4 (at least 2, plus 1 for each Advantage above 7 [9-7=2])
Folkloric Block: Crosses x1
Dark Secret: Bahari member x1
Psychological: Living on the Edge x2 (V5 Companion)

Blood Potency x1


Clan: Ravnos - I'll come when called by a leader in my clan, but I hold more loyalty to my Bahari coven.


Tempting Fate: The Ravnos vampire is driven by their Blood to court danger. Haunted as they are by the righteous fire burning its way up their lineage, why not? The next time the vampire is faced with a problem to solve, any attempt at a solution short of the most daring or dangerous incurs a two-dice penalty. (Suitably flashy and risky attempts can even merit bonus dice for this occasion.) The Daredevil is free to convince any fellows to do things their way but is just as likely to go at it alone. The Compulsion persists until the problem is solved or further attempts become impossible.

Doomed: A Ravnos' Bane is that the sun’s fire that incinerated their founder rages through the Blood of the clan, erupting from their very flesh if they ever settle down for long. If they slumber in the same place more than once in seven nights, roll a number of dice equal to their Bane Severity. They receive aggravated damage equal to the number of 10’s (critical results) rolled as they are scorched from within. This happens every time they spend the day in a location they’ve already slumbered less than a week before. What constitutes a location in this regard depends on the scope of the chronicle, but unless otherwise stated, two resting places need to be at least a mile apart to avoid triggering the Bane. Furthermore, a mobile haven, such as a movers’ truck, is safe so long as the place where the truck is parked is at least a mile from the last location.

Insult Niamh or dare her and it'll take a few people to hold her back from doing something wrong and foolish.

Physical Appearance

Discerning stare, ponytailed reddish-brown hair, eyes whose color shift in the light, once pink lips now grey, teenager current fashion as she is barely 5 feet tall, dirty trimmed nails, recent scratches

Personality and interests

Acerbic and cynical when talking about love or when seeing public love.
Speaks with a southern US accent but the angrier she gets, the more the Irish comes out of her.
Jumps head first into fun when it presents itself.
Not a fan of authority but recognizes that structure helps society (and vampires) and is a necessary evil.
Afraid of mice and rodents.
Has always wanted a quokka or two.


Niamh fell in love with her maker, who returned the love, almost instantly - which may or may not have been consensual. Regardless, she begged to go with him when he said he was leaving Ireland. There were no jobs or prospects for her there and she hadn't been home since she dropped out of secondary school years ago. She woke up one night in a flat she'd never been in before looking at someone she'd never seen before. The message she was given was simply "come find me."

Favourite Sayings

You did not just do that.
Ma, bless her soul, always said ...
Down here, asshole.
*grumbles when given a task or a command that she has to accept/complete*

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