Image of Siegfried Ashland

Summary: He's got skeletons in his closet

Siegfried Ashland

Gender: Male

Age: look 25 (embrace 82)

Group: Malkavian


American (seemingly)


Articulated Skeleton

Language (1pt. Merit) French
Entrepreneur (2pt. Merit) Body Museum

Auspex, Obfuscate, Dominate




Necrophile (3 pt): No, you do not have sex with the dead (necessarily) but you most certainly do enjoy their company. Your domain may be tastefully decorated with your "friends", and pieces of mutilated bodies can be seen in just about every inch of your decorum. (only bones)

Tic/Twitch (1pt. Flaw) Eye Twitch and 'punctuating' laugh


compulsion: Using cadavers to make new friends.

Physical Appearance

Platinum blond hair, red eyes, pale skin. Wears a tacky 'marching band' style outfit decorated with bones.

Personality and interests

Nice but twitchy and odd, loves his skeleton puppets or as he calls them his friends. Chuckles at jokes nobody told, or to cap off a sentence. He doesn't seem to be aware he does it.


(will work on it)

Favourite Sayings

when asked about responding to his puppets, "No, no don't be silly. I know they can't actually talk." followed by, "Shut up don't be rude to our guests."

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