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Image of Felicite Beaumont a.k.a. Filly

Summary: Soft spoken with a big hammer, use that hammer to build or destroy when needed.

Felicite Beaumont a.k.a. Filly

Gender: Female

Age: True Age 178 years old; Appearance 25

Group: Brujah


French Creole and United States (American).


Félicité comes from old money from generational wealth from her ancestors. She has invested much of that wealth into large tracts of real estate which Félicité has transformed into low-income housing and homeless shelters along the outskirts of New Orleans.

Skills; Finance, Business, Melee, Brawl, Perform, Empathy, Street Wise.
Powers; Presence medium, Potence low, Celerity medium.
Background; Resources medium.




Short Fuse;

Physical Appearance

Félicité has long brown hair with brown eyes. She is slender and stands 5 feet 5 inches tall. She favors the formal gowns of the 19th century while in public, but is also known for dressing down in jeans and blouse outfits.

Personality and interests

Filly is usually soft spoken, though firm. Her actions are planned out before making major decisions, but deliberate when the time to act has arrived. She maintains the traditions of her clan by actively pursuing social causes that modern nights fail to address.

She actively scouts for new real estate ventures, participates in raves and attends goth events. She enjoys opera, symphony, and jazz concerts as well as a good grunge, heavy metal mosh pit. She is known to host raves after special events as well.


Her family were Acadian French from Canada in the late 17th century, but forced to relocate to New Orleans when the British conquered the area. Her family-owned Sugar Cane plantations from 1815 to the end of the Civil War. Long story short,

Favourite Sayings

'Existence without a purpose is a waste of energy'
'Use your passion to create change, not destruction'
'Be diverse in your interests or be dull in your unlife.'

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