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Summary: Direct, Stern, and Honest; This might upset many people.

Joelle LeGrand

Gender: Female

Age: True Age 88 (1935); Appearance 26

Group: Brujah




Languages: English, French

Alertness; Practiced (2 dots) not much I don't miss among the mundane.

Intimidation; Practiced (2 dots) She can scare the common thug.

Brawl; Competent (3 dots) Joelle has gotten into a few bar fights and assaults during protests and riots.

Politics; Masters (3 dots) Joelle is experienced in government forms, permits, project submissions, funding requests, and submitting proposals.

Leadership: Practiced (2 dots), Joelle has led teams on crafting and submitting proposals to the Parrish, District, and City Councils.

Law; Masters (3 dots) Experienced defense attorney, and criminal lawyer.

Expression; (practiced (2 d0ts); Joelle was on her college debate team and has spoken at social activist events. The majority of her legal work is dealing with local agencies.

Subterfuge: Competent (3 dots) Joelle has defended several cases in night court.

Streetwise practiced (2 dots) Joelle has earned her street cred with several groups as she has helped them in legal matters and is active in the community programs.

Investigation; Practiced (2 dots)

Firearms: Practiced (2 dots) Joelle owns a couple hand guns

Drive; practiced (2 dots)

Disciplines; Celerity (low), Potence (low), Presence: Moderate

Backgrounds; Retainer (1), Allies (2), Contacts (2), Resources (2)

Sire; Malcolm Simms, former black panther activist and a nomad so doesn't stick around any location for long. Luke Warm relationship.

Retainer; Sylvia Harper, gathers documents, interviews cases, obtains medical documents (Justification for working nights), and performs tasks during the day.

Allies; Howard Phillips works at the city records department.
Wendy Jurgenson works in the New Orleans Dept of Motor Vehicles.

Contacts; Twilight is a local gang leader on the Westside of the city.
Pastor Humphry James Calhoun is a Lutheran Pastor and helps with advocacy projects.



*note: not part of the clan.

Nickname: The Learned Clan, Punks, Rabble, Zealots, Agitators
Note: Joelle chose to join the Camarilla, seeing that it is the lesser of two evils.


Violent Temper: Quick to anger and always passionate. This makes them quicker to frenzy than vampires from other clans.

Physical Appearance

5'8" slender build
Joelle is African American, shoulder length straight dark brown hair and almond eyes. She appears to be slender, with toned arms. In business scenes she wears conservative business attire, on lazy days, she hits the streets with leather jacket, jeans, and her riding boots.

Personality and interests

Joelle is outgoing and inquisitive, she asks questions and listens intently. She isn't the attention seeker or rabble rouser that many in her clan tend to embrace more than necessary. She is patient when dealing with the unfortunate, but anxious and agitated at every minute she has to wait for a government agent to assist her.


Born in 1935, Joelle grew up in New Orleans; living on the wrong side of the canal. Growing up in poverty, she would hang outside of the resorts (clubs) listening to the Jazz, Blues, and Ragtime concerts. She grew up went to Howard University in 1953 to major in law. Eight years of college life, she returned to her home in time for the Civil Rights Movement to heighten. Protests, resistance, and several arrests earned credibility in the anarch community, which garnered the attention of Malcolm Simms, former black panther activist who practiced a more combative style of protest. One evening following a major race riot, Joelle was assaulted by several white men who severely beat her. Malcolm arrived to rescue her, but her condition was fatal, the senior Brujah chose to embrace her knowing her existence for the future was important. The two spent the next four years as teacher/student before she was allowed to move on her own, Malcolm just disappeared for several years, now visiting on occasion.

When the war for New Orleans took place; Joelle stood with the other independent Brujah, but as the battles continued and watching how each faction ruled their areas decided the Camarilla offered a more stable environment.

Favourite Sayings

"You can hire me on retainer or pay double when you need legal services."
"There is always a plausible story in every crime, one just has to look hard enough to find it."

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