Never A Dull Moment

"So, explain - why is there a hunter in our house?" Leon wasn't mad, but felt entitled to a why.

After Colette and Joyce had gone through a drive though to get the woman something to eat. They had come through the door, to find Leon in the living room, reading a book he recently required.

Once Joyce got to eat, she was shown upstairs to, what for the foreseeable future, would be her bedroom. They had plenty to spare. It had a private bath, and there was no actual human food in the kitchen so no reason for Joyce to be roaming around the house. Something that was made clear.

Once Joyce was situated, the conversation between Leon and Colette had started.

"She had been kidnapped by the Tmizice. Aurora apparently saved her, in someway and Joyce returned the deed by helping us rescue Aurora." Colette explained. "Aurora mentioned taking her back to the hotel, but I thought, all things considered maybe it was best Joyce came here. The Prince approved it, but…"

Leon never liked it when Colette said "but" like that. "But what?"

"Well, I, or I guess we, had to take responsibility for Joyce. Be her guardians, so to speak." Colette swallowed, she didn't what Leon would think of that.

"So, you mean to tell me, if anything happens… if she does anything that might be in her nature as a hunter…" Leon started

"Former hunter." Colette corrected him.

"That's just it …we only have her word, she doesn't want to be a hunter, any longer." Leon rubbed his temple. "Either way, she does something, anything against any of the Camarilla and it'll likely be our asses."

"Would you have just left her?" Colette asked

Leon paused and sighed, "I suppose not. But just so we're clear. This was your decision. You are responsible for Joyce and any trouble she might cause."

"Understood." Colette said.

"It's getting early. You seem tired. We can talk more in the evening." Leon said, with a calm tone.

"You're right, I am. I'm going to bed. Goodnight." Colette wandered up the stairs.

Leon watched her leave, with the thought, never a dull moment, going through his mind.

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