Gun range

Litha shot her last bullet hitting the target head on. She heard Winter come up behind her. This was the first time she had seen him in weeks "still alive I see." She said putting the gun down while the loaded a new target for her.

Winter said, "Same for you, but I just got out of cryo because you don't know how to follow orders. No sassing the head of HYDRA."

"i follow orders, pierce is to sensitive." she said reloading her gun "and cryo is a nap you should thank me"

He used his metal arm to slam her into the hard table and hold her in place, growling, "You know I hate cryo. It makes everything feel squeezed into a body too small for it. My fucking brain feels like it's being sliced into as I come out of it. And the feeling of the ice filling me is enough to make me wish I would just die." He let her get up. "They just won't let us. Now, gear up. We have a mission. And this time, don't say a fucking word, got it?!"

She pointed her gun right at his head finally facing him. Her face had fresh bruises as well as her lip being cut and bruised. Her eyes had dark circles like she had not slept in days "Dont....touch me again" she said in a dark tone

"Then don't give me a reason to," he said, getting in her face. "Besides, we both know you won't pull the trigger. Neither of us would. It would mean we would be in this hell alone. And that's worse than anything they would do. Now, move your ass, Litha. Pierce is waiting."

She gritted her teeth so hard she tasted blood "fuck you James" She said in a whisper storming pasted him. She didn't even realized she had called him that due to her anger

"Кто, черт возьми, такой Джеймс - Who the hell is James?" he asked in a whisper as they made their way to Pierce's office. "Did you forget about our enhanced hearing or are just that dumb?"

She snapped her eyes to his. There was a hint of teasing that only she would see. However, before she could say anything in return, he opened the door and they had to be all business.

She glared at Peirce as he walked in but she remained silent

"You both are going to take out a dignitary from Zimbabwe," Pierce said, tossing the files to the soldiers. "He is getting too vocal in his views. Take him out discreetly. You have three months to train for every eventuality. He will be at the Stark Expo in Queens, where he will be most vulnerable. Going to his home country would make taking him out impossible." He looked at his favorite weapons. "He would become a martyr for the wrong cause, but if he dies on American soil, we will create unrest and can better get our people into their government. Understand?"

"Yes, sir!" the pair said.

"Then, get to training. And Litha? I will be... supervising some specialized training for you."

Winter clenched his fists. He knew what Pierce was doing. His sister would be able to seduce her way into the midst of a crowd to find the perfect place to take her shot should he be unable to get close. But Pierce always took it too far.

"Problem, Winter?" Pierce asked.

"No, sir," Winter answered through gritted teeth.

"Good. Get to work."

As they turned to leave pierced grabbed litha shoulder making her stop "you stay your train will start now, follow me" he said gripping her shoulder tighter

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