Now, in 2010...

Arillyn and Racheal walked down the school hallway, Racheal saying, "Well, at least they are finally let you be on a first name basis last year."

"Yeah, but I've not done anything to not have them trust me," Arillyn said. "But enough of that. I just want to head to the Expo. I can't wait to see all that yummy tech. Tony's going to fly in and make an appearance as Iron Man. But I can't wait to show my own designs there. It took some work to convince Tony to let me show off my science project in determining the safest routes through forests, caves, and even enemy camps. If I can keep people safe, that's what really matters."

"I don't understand why you don't just make some tech for fun."

"Because if I'm going to invent things, I want them to be useful and to save people. Not just for entertainment."

"If you don't have fun with it it will become stressful " she replied

"I'm a Stark," Arillyn pointed out. "Inventing the tech is fun for me. I'm in almost every college-level course. Besides, I made you that upgraded sound system for your next party. Rach, you know me. You're the only person who treats me like a human. I saw my DNA readings. One hundred percent human. Plus, you're the only one willing to spar with me anymore. Happy says no more after I pinned him a month ago."

"You got the stark ego that's why no one wants to spar with you" she said in a half joking tone

"I can't help being awesome," Arillyn laughed. "Still, the E.T. jokes are getting old. When it came out last year, I was mortified."

"Good thing I hold you back, Ari, or most of the kids in this school would be banged up."

"Meditation and mood suppressors help." They looked up and saw Happy waiting, causing Arillyn to smile. "Come on. Let's get to the Expo! Traffic this time of day, we will be there just in time to see Tony's entrance!"

She rolled her eyes but followed ,both of them excited and rushing to their seats. The girls chatted excitedly the whole ride. They stood among the crowd and moved to the front of the stage as music and fireworks started. Despite everything, she was happy in being Tony's daughter. When he landed, she cheered loudly. After his speech, she and Racheal went and sat in the back seat of the car. Hearing that Tony needed to meet before senators about his suits took the smile out.

As they drove away from the Expo, Arillyn asked, "Is everything okay? I mean, they can't think you'd actually give up your suits right?"

"Nothing for you to worry about miss stark" happy replied calmly

"I know, but that doesn't stop me from worrying, Happy," she said. "I mean, if those morons get their hands on it, they'll blow themselves up. It's not like they're Tony or Rhodey, who actually have brains."

"Arillyn, you just got off of being grounded" Tony warned.

"Fine," she said, sitting back. "I don't want to ruin my chances of showing off TRASE at the Expo."

Racheal took Arillyn's hand, seeing how hurt she was by those words. Arillyn gave her a soft smile, but took her hand away. Racheal was dropped off at her house and they made their way home. As soon as they stopped, Arillyn vaulted over the side of the car and went to the gym to punch out the anger before she couldn't contain it anymore.

She was just getting warmed up when suddenly the bag exploded, sending her flying back, her head was spinning and her ears were ringing, security came rushing in, Tony came into view over her, though she could hear what he was saying but she was lifted from the ground and taken out of the gym, her blurry vision was still able to see her father suit up and fly out of the building

"Tony?" Arillyn asked in a weak voice. "Where's Tony?"

"He went to find who did this, kid," said Happy.

"But... but I remembered something." She sat up even as the EMTs came in. "It's important, Happy. Please, I need to talk to him."

"JARVIS, inform Tony that Arillyn wants to talk to him at the hospital."

"On it, Happy," JARVIS said.

"Thank you," Arillyn replied to both happy and JARVIS.

The EMTs took her out. At the same time, Tony landed where Jarvis said the shot had come from. No one was around but there was a note that said mors vincit omnia in what looked like blood "it means death conquers all in Latin sir" Jarvis said

"Analyze the blood," Tony said.

Ten minutes later as Tony tried to think of the meaning of the message, JARVIS said, "It belongs to a cat that seemed to be suffering from infection. Oh, and Miss Stark says she needs to talk to you. She is currently being checked out at the hospital."

"Thanks, JARVIS," he said and he flew to the hospital, going straight to her room. "Hey, what up, kiddo?"

"I'm not even going to comment on how you call me kiddo when your worried," she said with a smile. "But I remembered something."

"What is it?"

"Well, there was this glowing stone. It let out a bright light. I felt safe, like everything I ever wanted was right in front of me. I reached out and touched it. A jolt of power went through me, it felt warm and protective."

"Where was this? What planet?"

"Earth. Colorado Mountains, to be exact. That's as far as I can narrow it down. I know it's not much..."

"It's better then nothing, give the details of the stone to Jarvis when you can,. Until then rest" he said in a calm tone "I'm going to go and make sure the house is safe, do not leave with anyone but me, even if it's happy do you understand?"

She said, "Okay." Tears started to form. "That was scary. And you deal with that as a hero?" She swallowed hard. "I... I don't know if I'd be able to do that."

"Not every hero is on the front line, stay here until I return " he said and left

The doctors finished looking her over and let her rest. Everything hurt from the blast and she had a lot of bandages from where she was cut, but they said she could go home once Tony came back. They gave her some printer paper and she drew out the stone she saw in her memory. It was the only thing she could think of doing to pass the time.

About an hour later Tony came in "how are you feeling?" He asked

"Still freaked out, but I can do more than describe the stone," she said, handing him the image. "We can run this through JARVIS to find it. I know it isn't much but it's better than just describing it."

He looked at it for a moment and then back at her "you did good kid, stay here while I talk to the doctor to make sure your good to go home ok?" He said "oh I moved your room closer to mine, still far enough to give you privacy but a extra precaution" he said patting her hand before turning to leave

"Tony," she said, causing him to pause in the doorway, "I'm sorry. I feel like... I brought this to us but I don't know how. What if you and Pepper had been there? It would have been my fault."

"Your right it would have been" he said and left the room. Leaving her with those words

She pulled up her knees and laid her head on them, trying to fight back tears. She didn't want Tony, Pepper, or Happy hurt. They were the only family she knew. She didn't react when she heard someone enter her room, but she could tell it was Tony again.

The drips indicated that there had been rain. That meant fresh water entering through cracks of the collapsed cave Megan had been stuck for around thirty-five years. She had regained her memory about five years in. Accepting everything she had remembered was difficult at first but it made her stronger, especially knowing she came from a more advanced time, she could build advance weapons and tech that didn't even exist yet. And she had a lot of knowledge that would give her a head start on everything and everyone. She had told them it was a trap and that they should have taken another route but of course hydras ego would never allow such a thing. As a result she had gotten trapped during the fight. She took advantage of this time though, learning her abilities, strengthening her body and mastering her fighting skills. She knew it would be only a matter of time until she got out. She didn't mind being patient or trapped, her eyes adapted in the dark, allowing her to see perfectly in the complete darkness. But that was only the tip of the iceberg, she was capable of unbelievable things now and she had time to perfect not only her abilities but her fighting abilities as well and she now knew how to use both together, when she got out everyone and everything wouldn't stand a chance. Truth be told she figured out how to leave along time ago but she decided to stay and keep mastering herself and now, with the power running through her veins and the confidence in her abilities she was making many plans and soon she would act upon them. She went over to where her water collector had been set up to catch the fresh water. She dipped her hand in the water and watched as her skin absorbed it. Her flesh started to turn clear like the water itself, her body liquidified until it looks like a puddle of water, then it began to move, slipping in between the rocks, following the water flowing in, out into freedom

The sound of electronic drills could be heard above her as she neared the surface. The earth around her shook from it. When she broke free she waited until she knew she was safe away from the drills and people before she materialized back into her human form. She stretched and took a deep breath of the fresh air. She let her body feel and enjoy the pleasures of the outside world again , from the sounds to the sight of it. What seemed like dark green clothes formed over her naked body, but in reality it was her skin that was altered in specific spots to seem that way.

Signs of recent HYDRA activity caught her eye. It wasn't just anyone. She had once had a mission with the Winter Soldier. It was obvious he had been there about five years pervious and they were just getting around to trying to hide it. It was a clear message: Return to HYDRA and with one more deep breath and a sigh from the feeling of the sun on her skin. She headed back, she had a few words and a few plans to start with hydra

A new handler was waiting for her at the safe house. He said, "I'm Alex Martin. We have a target, but if you are as good as they say, I'll let you do your thing and not care how it's done." He looked her up and down. "Pretty little thing, aren't you? If you weren't off limits..."

Within a instant, moving with speed of a professional athlete she snapped his neck and he dropped dead. She searched his body for his phone and once she found it she dialed the last number he had called "I see you haven't gotten better at not employing morons who can't hold their tongue, from now on you give me my information directly to me, if you send someone else I'll kill them, feel free to send the infor to this phone" she said hanging up before they got a chance to speak

A text came in about a political meet-up. He was currently getting ready to conduct a trial on Tony Stark. It also came with pictures of who to avoid. What Megan hadn't expected was who was in the picture with the one and only Tony Stark.

"Well this changes some plans Emily......." She said standing up. She texted back a list of things she would need and a location for them to be dropped off at. Once that was done she left to go leave a message for a old friend

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