OOC - What to expect

Welcome. Much like myself, I assume, this is your first time here. Good for you!
Welcome to the Secure Contain Protect Foundation, a highly secretive shadow government working behind the scenes to study and contain anomalous entities, objects, and even locations.
You will take on one of the available roles, and begin working within Site-19, the foundations largest containment facility.
This is in no way meant to perfectly encapsulate the foundation, it's history, or it's procedures. Rather, this is meant to let you take a step inside the clerical, often times tedious, lives of the people who live and work within foundation walls.
Depending on your role, there may be downtime in which you have little to do, requests to be made to higher ups, psychiatric evaluations, and debriefings. It's all up to you, and the way you play and interact with others. Communication is a MUST and when done well, great stories are made.