Ah, the ignominy of it all

Spot (1D20+9)=11+9=20 (So successful against 15)

Kailus sighs inwardly at the sweat that such common physical exertion had left on his clothes. Not that they were all that fine, weeks of hiding had meant common clothes to accompany his common appearance.

The aches and sores were new though. This was something that eh would never get used to. That and the tedium of it all.

But he was peaked from his misery by the news of the death of the imperial courier. His first fear was that it was some sort of search for him, but he put that from his mind.

Spurring his horse into a trot, he went with the others in the direction of the body.

"Don't get too close with your horses." he announced. "There will be tracks that we need to follow here, but first we need to check the body. You don't just kill the kings messenger to rob him. You do it because you want to stop a message, or worse, you want to incite a rebellion."

Dismounting he offers to be the first to inspect the body.

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