Coyote Attack

Venya gets a good grip on the horse she had been riding and manages to calm it down immediately. (Natural 20!) The other animal is not as easily gentled. It pulls hard at the reins in her hand and she has to scramble to keep hold. But she soon solidifies her grip and keeps both animals under control as Kailus fires arrows at the circling predators. Most of the shafts fly off into the darkness, but eventually, one hits and the animal screams in agony.

It limps away into the darkness beyond the firelight and the guards soon hear the growls and savage barking of the other pack animals attacking their wounded companion. A sudden yipping scream and then just deep growls in the darkness.

The horses roll their eyes in terror, but that soon fades as the silence of the cold desert night returns.

15:02, Today: Dungeon Master, for Venya, rolled 22 using 1d20+2. Hold horses.
15:03, Today: Dungeon Master, for Venya, rolled 8 using 1d20+2. Second horse.
15:05, Today: Dungeon Master, for Venya, rolled 20 using 1d20+2. Maintain control of bucking horse.

OOC: Excellent. Good encounter. How will you spend the rest of the night?

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