(Day 26) .... And Space Pirates.

Day 26

“... And space pirates.” Amanda hissed sharply as her eyes scanned over the in system traffic data being downloaded from the satellites in orbit. “ I fucking hate them.”

Jenny frowned, giving an upwards glance from her work piecing the panel together. “I thought those were just a myth?”

“No, they’re real enough.” Amanda nodded to herself. “While I was pulling duty on the UEG Valiant Sun we had to deal with a light cruiser whose crew had mutinied the year prior and started raiding outer systems colonies and stations. The ship was destroyed and the survivors executed for piracy thus pirates.”

Jenny for her part could only nod her head and shrug before replacing the panel into the system and powering it up. “I hope we don’t have to deal with Space Pirates.”

Amanda nodded her agreement. “We’re so far in the ass end of space that the only thing we’re gonna see out here is smugglers and maybe if we’re lucky a UEG patrol ship hauling supplies.”