Image of Whisp

Summary: A Rain Dancer


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Gender: Female

Age: 342

Group: Non-Humans

Origin Planet

Avorriash - a world of mist of fog

Physical Appearance

A feminine figure that is mostly made up of blue, black and white whisps of air, smoke and fog. Her eyes are so white they glow. She mostly floats.


Rain Dancer


Powers: Create fog, clouds, rain etc.

Abilities: Floating

Skills: Dancing and becoming pure smoke so she can sneak into anywhere that is not air tight.


Personality: Oddly kind, but just as cruel when messed with the wrong way. She has a motherly attitude and friendly demeanor.

Interests: Weather.


From a planet that was purely built for rain and fog, waking up on Converge was not a part of her daily plan when she awoke. This new world was a shocking surprise and she has been slowly thriving on the planet ever since.


She has been on Converge for well over two hundred years.

She is only immortal in age. If injured or evaporated, she could die of dehydration.

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