Waiting And Waiting (Pt 1)

“I know I'd prefer to come with you” Amit replied with a light blush before looking over at the others “what about you lovebirds?”

“NOOOO!!!!” Mee weeped.

“Emme ole lintuja.” Piritta told Amit.

“I meant you and your boyfriend” he replied pointing to Colt “or husband, partner, mate, however you two identify as a couple I don't judge.”

“Emme vittu vielä.” Piritta shrugged.

“Olen yllättynyt nähdessäni kuinka hän katsoo sinua ja sinä häntä.“ Amit replied.

“Hän selviää edelleen tuosta aseksuaalista naisesta.” Piritta explained.

Amit nodded “Ymmärrän hyvin, että kuljemme kaikki omaan tahtiisi, mutta ehkä hän tarvitsee vain työntöä.”

“En tiedä.” Piritta said. “Hän oli ollut rakastunut häneen yli vuosikymmenen.”

“I’m right here…” Colt grumbled irritably. “I’m over Tzeitel after she assaulted me for something I never did.”

Whisp grabbed up Mee and shushed him. “Calm yourself, little one…let us talk.” She carried him off to her office.

Kimber merely sat in the van and watched Umbral head for Nine’s place. “I am so not getting any work done today…” She sighed.

“Hän on yhä selviytymässä väärästä raiskaussyytöksestään. Tzeitel vain luuli tehneensä sen, koska Coltin klooni satutti häntä.” Piritta said, giving Colt a hug. “Colt ei koskaan raiskaisi ketään.”

Mee was quieter, but still made small creaky sobbing sounds.

Colt grunted and hugged Piritta back. “Thanks for always having my back, Piritta…” He sighed heavily and rubbed at the back of his neck. It was his usual nervous habit, it seemed.

“Jos tekisit sen, auttaisin Tzeitelia tappamaan sinut. Mutta tiedän, ettet tehnyt sitä.” Piritta said and helpfully scratched the back of Colt’s neck.

Amit Smirked and climbed into the Van with Kimber.

Colt blinked and looked around for a moment. “What about Klaire and that unicorn chick? Should we wait for them?” He asked, looking at Piritta, Kimber and Amit.

“I guess we can wait for them to come back,” Kimber said with a sigh.

“Why don't we just go check on them in case they're staying here?” Amit suggested.

“Joo, odotellaan Klairea.” Piritta said.

“We can wait,” Kimber told Amit. “I'm certain that Umbral intends to bring them all here.”

Colt grimaced slightly. “I never found out if Klaire believed the rumors or not…I'm a bit…nervous.” He admitted to Piritta. “I mean, she didn't shoot me on sight, but…”

“Klaire olisi tappanut sinut heti, jos hän luulisi sinun tekevän sen.” Piritta said confidently. Then, she added more thoughtfully. “Mutta… Mutta... Hän rakastaa Tzeitelia kuin siskoa. Hän saattaa ajatella, että nopea kuolema on liian hyvä sinulle.”

“Where did she go beforehand when we headed to the office?” Amit asked.

Colt was silent for a long moment. “That’s just morbid, Piritta…”

Kimber blinked. “She told us. The hospital.” She pointed toward the hospital where Umbral often worked. “She helps out all over, visits patients, and so on…she’s a unicorn. They’re helpful in healing situations.”

“That's very kind of her” Amit replied “All of this is kind of overwhelming a bit. I mean so far I've met a cat boy, dog girl, not sure what the Finn truly is, a unicorn, dark elf, and a cute green alien just to name a few.”

“Pidän hänet poissa sinusta, kunnes saamme selville, pitääkö hän sinua likaisena raiskaajana vai ei.” Piritta promised, warmly patting Colt’s shoulder.

“Thanks…” Colt murmured and gave Piritta a side hug. He always felt safe with the Finn.

Kimber chuckled and shook her head. “You’re cute for a human.”

Piritta wrapped her arms around Colt in a hug in return, scooping him up and kissing him on the lips before setting him back down.

“Cute enough to go on a date with?” Amit asked with a grin.

Colt’s entire face went red from that kiss as he stood there. “...wow.” He whispered. Every time she did that he always felt a little light headed from how good it made him feel. It reminded him that he was loved and cared for.

Kimber flicked Amit’s forehead. “Maybe, but that’ll have to wait until after everyone is back and we’ve sorted things out.”

A few minutes later, Kimber would point toward Tzeitel, Klaire, James, Umbral and Nine. “The cavalry has arrived!” She chimed.

Amit Smirked before kissing her cheek and turning away to wave at Klaire and the others.

“Oho.” Piritta said when she saw Klaire and Tzeitel, putting herself protectively between Colt and the rest.

Tzeitel tensed up even more when she saw Colt. She knew he was not who had hurt her. But he looked so much like the bastard who had raped and tortured her she could not help but feel scared and angry. She touched her powers, at least she had access to them now. The other times they had been exhausted or blocked. She was not going to be a victim again.

Colt frowned at Tzeitel and climbed into the van. “I’m not dealing with this…” He muttered. “If she attacks me, I’m sending her across this city…”

Kimber tilted her head. “Wow, you and curly hair there got history, huh?”

“It’s none of your business, ma’am.” Colt replied politely.

Klaire sighed heavily. “Kimber, can you take us to the gate where Atlus is waiting. I’m sure he went there since he won’t leave me alone.” She said.

“Sure.” Kimber blinked and spotted James. “Who’s he?”

“My mate.” Klaire said.

“Huh…I expected someone with…dog ears.” Kimber blinked again.

“I thought she had a thing with the dark elf” Amit shrug.

Umbral gestures to the building. “They can take care of Tzeitel and James in there, Nine.”

“Sure!” Nine said and took both James and Tzeitel inside.

“We’ll wait until they’re done.” Kimber said and pulled out a book to read.

Amit shrugged and leaned back in his chair to nap.

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