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Summary: The Lone Huntress

Klaire Roth

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Gender: Female

Age: 25

Group: Non-Humans

Origin Planet


Physical Appearance

Gold eyes with brown hair and stands at four feet, eleven inches. She has dog ears and a tail, fair skin, and she's often dressed in dark clothing.


Hunter/Trapper/Forest Ranger


Powers: Heightened Senses

Abilities/Skills: Hunting, tracking, trapping, prepping meat to be cooked, and other survival techniques.


Personality: Loner, introverted, and a bit cold. She lives within the dark forests of Converge, hunting and fighting off "They". Her social skills are not the best, but she'll try to be nice. Try being key word...

Interests: Reading


She went to sleep on Earth one day and awoke in the forest to find one of "Them" looming over her. With rage coursing through her, she killed it and has been working as a hunter ever since. She often sells food in the cities to get by and afford supplies she needs.

Otherwise, not much is known about her.


She's the only one to kill one of "them" so far.

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Image of Klaire Roth
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