Waiting And Waiting (Pt 2)

“He eivät yritä tappaa sinua. Vielä.” Piritta pointed out, climbing into the van next to Colt. “Tzeitel näyttää pelokkaalta.”

Tzeitel frowned at Kimber, not pleased with her comments about her or Klaire, allowing Nine to lead her into the building.

“She always looks scared now…” Colt reminded Piritta and buckled up before crossing his arms and trying to relax.

As for inside the building, Nine got both James and Tzeitel to fill out the paperwork. It was easy and they were both given their cards, allowing them to come and go as they pleased throughout the city, so long as they followed the basic laws and rules, which were given to them.

James would return to the van and Klaire, talking in whispers to her about what was going on and what all he last remembered. She would make him stop, of course, but there was still that lingering strain in the air. Her kids not being here concerned her greatly.

“When you’re all ready, get in and I’ll take ya to the gate where that Atlus dude went.” Kimber called as she kept reading her book, which was on mechanics.

Piritta sighed, she did not like how her friends were not getting along. Being in a van like the old days, she wished they could go back to trusting each other like they used to. “Ehkä Klaire vakuuttaa Tzeitelin. Jos hän tietää, ettet satuttanut häntä.”

Tzeitel was expecting the paperwork to be more painful, like it was on Earth. She hardly felt like she had filled out paperwork when she got back outside. She looked at the van and hesitated.

Amit gave her a friendly smile and waved. “Nice to meet all of you. I hope we can become friends.”

A strange guy smiling and waving was too much for Tzeitel. She scrambled several steps back from the van.

Amit looked confused at Tzeitel's reaction before shrugging and grabbing some jerky out of his pack to eat.

“Get in the van or you can stay here, Tzeitel.” Klaire said sternly as she got in and took a seat in the back.

Nine smiled at Tzeitel. “If Kimber trusts these people, I trust them.” He told her before climbing into the van and waving at Amit. “Nice to meet you. I’m Nine. Kimber found you, I assume.”

“Yeah I was blessed to have met her” he replied offering Nine and Klaire some jerky.

Tzeitel did not know if she even liked this Kimber woman. But she trusted Nine and got into the van behind her fox-eared son. She sat stiffly, as if about to jump up and run.

Piritta was not blind, she could tell that Tzeitel was anxious. She knew that things could go very badly if Tzeitel lost control of her powers or, well, attacked Colt deliberately. Tzeitel has not lost control of her powers for a very long time but this was a potentially overly stressful situation. Brought to this strange world, in a small space with a man she did not know and Colt- who looked like the clone who had raped her. If shit was going to hit the fan Piritta thought it would be best that it happened now and not when the van was flying. Maybe they could get Tzeitel calmed down so shit would not have to hit the fan.

“Hei, Koirankorvat. Tiedätkö, ettei Colt raiskannut parasta ystävääsi? Oikein?” Piritta asked Klaire.

Klaire looked at Piritta. “If he had he'd be dead.” She answered and took some jerky. “Thanks.” She bit down on the snack as Nine took some.

Making sure the doors were closed, Kimber drove them to the gate where Atlus' was meant to be waiting.

“Looks like he's not here.” Colt commented.

Appearing in front of them was a ghostly form of Altus who would show them a memory of Altus witnessing a disheveled and injured Riley run off before giving chase. The apparition would turn into a glowing orb and gesture them to follow.

“Who was that guy that ran off?” Amit asked.

Tzeitel burst out of the door as soon as it was safe to get out of the van. Her heart was still pounding as she sunk on the ground and watched the weird ghostly memory. “What the fuck happened to Riley?”

Piritta patted Klaire on the head for being a good girl and hopped out of the van.

The moment the ghostly image rushed off, Klaire was after it without a word. “Damn it!” She yelled.

Colt got out with Piritta and sighed. “It's just like old times…”

And James was soon after Klaire, using fire to light the way.

Meanwhile, Kimber stayed in the van with Amit and turned it off. “This is gonna be a long day…”

“Should we go after them?” Amit asked.

“Shit.” Tzeitel groaned, getting back to her feet. She could see James’s fire and jogged after him and Klaire. She remembered Nine’s warning about Them and fire. “Shit shit shit shit shit.”

“Joo. Tzeitel pelkäsi paljon silloinkin.” Piritta said, looking where the three were running. “Seuraako?”

Amit pulled a water bottle out of his pack before drinking some and offering it to Kimber.

“They'll be fine with Klaire,” Kimber called. “She survives the forest all the time.” She took the drink and gladly took a sip.

Colt would rather avoid the forest and chose to stay.

Umbral sighed and watched. “I do hope they bring back Riley…”

Nine, however, grabbed Tzeitel. “No!” He warned her. “Too many and we'll attract Them.”

Tzeitel twisted. “That idiot James is using fire! He’s going to attract them and get Klaire hurt.”

Piritta sighed.

“You know him?” Amit asked Umbral before pulling out candy.

“Yes,” Umbral answered.

Nine frowned and sighed as well. “Klaire can take care of herself. She knows the forests far more than any of us. If his fire attracts Them, she'll get rid of ‘em. No need to worry.”

“Stop calling people idiots, Tzeitel “ Colt chided.

“Klaire isn’t okay.” Tzeitel bristled at Colt, feeling she’d rather take her chances in the woods.

“Doesn't look like that Riley guy is either” Amit “plus isn't Klaire one of the only people to kill one of them?”

The city’s power suddenly went out, causing Kimber to quickly turn on the can. “Shit, something happened at the tower with Whisp!”

Tzeitel looked at the dark city. She swore, swiping pheromone oil from her arms just below the elbows.

“What should we do?” Amit asked looking in the direction of the tower.

“Hmm. Ryöstelevätkö ihmiset täällä?” Piritta asked.

“Get back in the van!” Kimber yelled.

Colt pulled Piritta back into the van as Nine stayed close to Tzeitel and moved them into the headlights.

“We have to stay alert…” Nine said as they heard hissing all around them.

Amit pulled out a flashlight from his bag which emitted a bright light.

“Klaire might need help!” Tzeitel said, glaring into the forest. “I need my fucking crossbow!”

“Hei!” Piritta objected. “Voimme harrasta seksiä myöhemmin.”

“will this help” Amit asked while pulling out a flare gun.

“That'll only do so much.” Kimber said and turned on the high beams as well as the lights on the sides of the van. “Just stay here!”

A loud hiss came from behind Tzeitel and Nine before claws lashed out. They couldn't reach the pair, a screech erupting from the strange creature as it retreated from the light.

Nine gripped onto Tzeitel’s arm. “You don't have it!” He reminded her and pulled a sharp blade from his belt. “I hate the blackouts…”

And then the city was suddenly bright again…

“I’m getting a new fucking crossbow and some flashlights as soon as possible.” Tzeitel let the oil that made one temporarily immune to her powers seep from the gland on her arm so she would not have to worry about affecting Nine. “And any weapons I can get my hands on. Can these fuckers puke?”

Amit left the van and soon returned with Riley before laying him down in the back.

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