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Summary: Green skin


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Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: Aliens

Origin Planet

Guastea - a very green planet abundant in plant-life that is sentient.

Physical Appearance

With long dark hair, green skin and green eyes, she is often seen in shorts and a crop top. She has an athletic build and is rather short.


Cybernetics Expert


Power: Growing plants with her thoughts.

Abilities: Cybernetics


Personality: Rather nerdy, sweet, but a bit blunt and naive. She is, however, not easily fooled into cons and will gladly protect those that cannot protect themselves.

Interests: Plants and cybernetics


Despite being born on a green planet with sentient plants, Kimber has been in close contact with cybernetics all her life. She even has some implants that allow her to track better, but this does not mean she's unstoppable.

She is still a girl, after all.

Waking up on Converge, she became obsessed with the technology on it.


She does not look as smart as she is.

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Image of Kimber
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