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Summary: The Innocent Medic


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Gender: Female

Age: Appears to be 18

Group: Mythical

Origin Planet


Physical Appearance

Blue eyes, pink hair, a pearl unicorn horn, fair skin and she stands at four feet eleven inches. She is petite and curvy, always dressing in elegant clothing.




Powers: Immortality and healing

Abilities: Heightened senses

Skills: Sunny disposition


Personality: The epitome of innocence, she is sweet and pure with a kind and loving heart. She's very caring and protective with a motherly nature, but can be a bit naive at times.

Interests: Healing, teas, cooking and baking.


She's been on Converge so long it's thought that she was born here, but she really came from Earth. It's the only thing, aside from her name, that she knows. She has been worked at Converge Hospital for a bit, but now travels and heals all she can.


As a unicorn, she can still be killed. Her immortality is just age.

She is the epitome of elegance, purity and innocence.

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Image of Umbral
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