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Summary: The Pyro

James Brown

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Gender: Male

Age: 26

Group: Humans

Origin Planet


Physical Appearance

Brown eyes/hair
Tan skin
Scar covered
Always in jeans, shirts/tank-tops, boots and a jacket
Sometimes he can be seen wearing reading glasses




Sun Fragmentum - he can control and/or use fire already around, us the energy in the air to both create and/or snuff out fire.

Supernova - A state he goes into when he loses full control. In this state he becomes as hot and radioactive as the sun itself. Once this starts it cannot be stopped.

Healing Factor - thanks to experimentation he went through on Earth he is able to heal quickly and keeps a youthful appearance. It is very energy draining, though.

Other Abilities - Pyrotechnic and physical combat

Other Skills - chemistry, biology, cooking and protecting children (fatherly instinct)


Personality - stern, fair, chill, focused, loving, stubborn, determined and a bit short tempered at times.

Interests - cooking, reading, training and long walks


One minute he's happily sitting with Klaire and the next he's waking up in a swamp of Converge...


He loves Klaire and the twins and is determined to find them all.

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Image of James Brown
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