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Summary: I'm not a cat!

Colt Westerly

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Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Humans

Origin Planet


Physical Appearance

Average height with snow white hair, shocking blue eyes, and cat ears/tail. He is muscled and fit, always seen in jeans, t-shirts/tanktops, and his biker jacket with his favorite biker boots.




Powers: Wind manipulation

Abilities: Heightened senses



Personality: An often calm and collected man with a heart of gold that would give up anything to protect those he finds important. He is kind, but a little short tempered at times.


Born and raised on Earth, he has faced the hardships of being a genetically enhanced human. Most people treated him like a criminal, but he's proved them all wrong. He's been in love with a certain Finnish woman, but is too nervous and afraid to tell her.

He's new to Converge.


He smokes sometimes.

Brilliant racer.

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Image of Colt Westerly
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