Blue and Green Call

JP with Redsword and Cindy

Alyssa plugged the number into the phone and waited for Sung to pick up.

"Sung, here, Alyssa?" Sung said he had some urgency in his voice.

"Yes," Alyssa responded. "I got word that the Greens want to work with the Blues. We just had the same thought." Letting him know they were good with that.

"That is good to hear. I think we are all in danger, there is powerful magic involved. They probably know we are not the police." Sung started to explain. "I will send some pictures, they link everything together somehow. I have seen the symbols before next to the writing in blood. Sending the pictures now." said Sung. "They are using magic to watch us like a remote viewing," Sung explains.

"Yes, I'm pretty sure we are all in agreement." Alyssa paused a moment, looked at her phone. Tapped her screen a few times, then back into the phone. "I got the pics. Maybe we should all meet and discuss things.”

"Anywhere you feel is a good place?" asked Sung.

"I'll send you the address to the hotel we're staying at. Come by tomorrow morning. Just message me when you get here." Alyssa sent the info. Hotels were that public/private sort of mashup. They could talk privately but public enough to not seem like an odd meeting place.

"OK, you guys need help just call. I will try to get to you," said Sung. “I will hang up now.”

"Sounds good," Alyssa hung up.

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