Writing is on the Wall

JP with red_sword7, mdman, and Cindy

“Are you ready, Master Sung?” Choi asked the older and wiser man. “Where to next? The mansion?” asked Choi

"Yes let us go back we need to move fast," said Sung walking out of the store.

Sung raced through the streets. Knowing where someone was going to help as they headed to the mansion of the mass suicides. Sung did not like the idea they could walk into a trap or the others as well whatever was behind the scenes was powerful he could feel like that last time. The little hairs stood up when the shade showed up but there was more. The magic was stronger than that. Arriving Sung watched for a moment seeing anyone watching the place or hiding.

Choi saw Sung running toward the SUV. The mansion he wished to search, the one where there was a mass suicide, that’s where they headed. They had already searched the Halliwell mansion. What more could they find? Yeong wondered along the way what Eun-Ji was investigating. He hated that they were divided. He broke away from the group yesterday and it got him a bunch of circular holes in his side. However, Choi realized they must stay on the same page. So Choi bounded, utilizing his parkour skills to keep up with Sung. He ran well for an older man. “You're pretty fast for an older man,” Choi confessed. But then he saw the serious features on Sung’s face. “What is it, Master Sung? Is there danger?”

Seeing it was clear Sung stepped out of the SUV and started to walk towards the place carefully. Watching every shadow Sung could feel the energy just walking up to the house. Sung thought about what all the victims had in common and that the trial went cold for law enforcement and that is why Sung was pulled in for. This had to be a bigger problem with all three organizations working on the same case. Sung felt at a loss those kids were rushing around and they would get killed if they didn't watch what they were doing. They need to work together one way or another. He walked to the door.

Choi saw a terrace to one side. Most likely, the police had the front door sealed, so Choi looked for another entrance. He climbed quickly up the terrace. There was a roof to it, leading to a window. Choi tried the window. It slid open. “Master Sung,” he quietly quipped. “I’m in. I’ll be down shortly and open a window for you.”

Sung stepped to one side waiting on the window the magic energy was used for something. it was channeled somewhere Sung closed his eyes he had a direction but that was it the trail was cold now. Sung heard the window slide open and looked Choi was there on the other side. Hopping through the window was not a problem for Sung even at his age. Sung pulled out his flashlight. It was getting dark now and the clock was ticking. The little tactical light lit the whole room up. Looking down he could see where the most traffic was and followed the steps to a door that led downstairs. The light smell was still there of old blood. the basement still had all the markings of where the bodies lay. It was a mess with all the blood stains on the walls.

Looking along the walls next was a message over and over "We Fear Nothing" Along with other symbols blood ran down the walls with the people's blood. A disturbing sight this must have been for the Police. "Now I know why I was called in for this investigation," said Sung out loud. "Be glad Choi you did not have to deal with this first," stated Sung. "Women children whole families all drank some cocktail and died. This occult sickens me.

Choi saw the room as he had seen it before. He could envision each body that he had seen in the morning. He could handle the blood. It was seeing them appear as if they were asleep that was macabre. “Fear nothing?” Yeong wondered aloud. “I guess they didn’t if they drank what they did. They didn’t fear death, that’s for certain.”

Sung rubbed his chin and looked around "They would have made that a message "We Fear Nothing" for others to read but do not take it literally. There is something about it in my files this is not the only place this has happened or the message and the symbols." remarked Sung. He started to stir at a jar on a beam in the basement. He shook his head and chuckled. "Choi, I have been a fool now I know how they are hiding in place sight. They know we are here maybe. The jar on the beam over there with the eye they use it like a survivance camera," said Sung sounding aggrieved. "We should warn the others." Remarked Sung walking around the room.

According to the vision and the news report, Choi knew that they were in for a huge fight. This seemed to follow the same MO as the Heaven’s Gate Cult, led by Marshall Applewhite. More than likely, the same entity was behind this cult. Master Park was part of that investigation. In fact, it was this entity that almost killed Master Park. Choi winced as he imagined this entity had probably grown more powerful through the years. “Master Sung,” Choi quietly spoke. “We are up against something big. I believe my master had fought it once before and almost died. We need to work together, I mean, all of us together. Not just you, me, and Eun-Ji. All of us.”

"I don't think we should do this alone the level of magic is even higher than mine," said Sung. He pulled out his phone. and took some pictures of the walls in the basement. "Let us get out of here," said Sung looking a little worried. Sung took a small spray out of his pocket and sprayed anything they touched Sung moved swiftly first checking before they went out the window. Before closing the window Sung took the spray and sprayed the wood to the window.

"We need to leave," said Sung pulling out his phone and dialing a 1-800 number. The voice on the other side was female. "extension Lima India Oscar clearance November" said Sung into the phone. "Wait one transferring you now." said the other voice. There was a ringtone. they got back to the SUV and got in. Sung dialed a number and waited "Yes," is all the voice said. Sung said "Payback, Alyssa, Van, and a license plate number, danger close, all in. Number Sung pulled another phone out and gave the number in the red, Thank you." finished Sung hanging up. "we need to find Alyssa," suggested Sung.

“What about Moon?” Choi replied. “She is by herself and needs to be with us.” Yeong recognized by the look on Sung’s face that he had already thought of that fact. So, he concentrated on his original statement. “I know her energy,” Choi confirmed. “Get me to a high place overlooking the city, and I will locate her.”

Driving Sung was thinking and hearing the question. "Call her if you have a phone from the dragon's office If not call the operator and get patched through and talk to Moon," explained Sung. maybe the kid forgot thought Sung. "I am waiting on a call from Alyssa. There got to be an easier way to do this stuff," grumbled Sung.

“Easier is the same as normal. It doesn’t exist,” Choi returned in response to Sung. “What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly. What is simple for the mind often appears difficult for the heart.” Yeong was explaining that the use of his gifts came naturally to him. For Choi, it was an extension of himself. It was why Choi never carried a phone. “However,” Choi did agree, “it would be better if we utilize technology so that we can communicate with each other at will. Like the Illuminati, but without chips.”

"We will cross that water when we get to it." Sung sighed "Here use my phone it is an office one." explained Sung He had the other phone with him.

Choi dialed a number to the South Korean office. Speaking the home language, he was patched to Moon Eun-Ji’s phone. There was no answer. This girl was just frustrating Choi to no end. He left a message that he and Master Sung were headed to the place where she was dropped off. The danger is rising for one to be working alone.

Sung answered his phone and started to talk.

Choi patiently awaited the conversation to end. He had always been confident in his abilities. However, he also acknowledged that the entity they were facing was that much greater. Single-handedly, none of them could defeat this foe. Together, they stood a much better chance. It wasn’t often that Choi had worked with the other factions. At least the other team was likable. Alyssa’s tech, Power’s strength, although as slow as it was, and Sartre (whatever he did. He must be like the Sung of the team. The older, wiser, experienced of the three.), would all be needed to defeat what they were about to face. He’d even welcome some Templars, although, for some reason, they hadn’t run into any this time.

"Sung, here, Alyssa?" Sung said he had some urgency in his voice. "Yes," Alyssa responded. "I got word the Greens want to work with the Blues. We just had the same thought." Letting him know they were good with that.

"That is good to hear. I think we are all in danger there is powerful magic involved. They probably know we are not the police." Sung started to explain. "I will send some pictures they link everything together somehow. I have seen the symbols before next to the writing in blood. Sending the pictures now." said Sung. "They are using magic to watch us like a remote viewing," Sung explains.

"Yes, I'm pretty sure we are all in agreement." Alyssa paused a moment and looked at her phone. Tapped her screen a few times, then back into the phone. "I got the pics. Maybe we should all meet and discuss things."

"Anywhere you feel is a good place?" asked Sung. "I'll send you the address to the hotel we're staying at. Come by tomorrow morning. Just message me when you get here." Alyssa sent the info. Hotels were that public-private sort of Mashup. They could talk privately but public enough to not seem like an odd meeting place. "OK, you guys need help just call I will try to get to you," said Sung. He was worried that this whole thing could come undone

"Sounds good," Alyssa hung up.

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