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"Sure," Alyssa smiled at Max's joke about becoming a wrestler but he did look the part. "Food. Let's eat and talk." She started putting together a burger with bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard and mayo. Then she took some fries, ketchup. Looking around, the drinks were mostly sodas. While she grabbed an orange soda, she also got on the phone."Hey, I'm calling down to room service for my milkshake. Anyone need anything else?"

When she found out if the guys wanted anything else, Alyssa gave room service the order, including a chocolate malt for herself. She then sat down with her food. Pondering on Peter's question. "The signals should be done by the time we're done eating." Many had been done in the van earlier and already sent to Peter. Some were just taking a little longer. "I don't really know how it all fits together. If I go through what we know, it feels like we're missing something needed to piece it together." Alyssa took a bite of some fries, then continued. "I think maybe the Dragons know part, and we know part. It might be to the advantage of both sides to work together. I doubt the Templars, without a mandate to do so, would work with either side." Just her impression.

Sartre slowly ate his cheeseburger and fries. "The End Rite and Saint Edel's bible have something to do with it. What could the Scalpel of Ragley be? And the RC written on the walls?”

Alyssa shrugged, "Maybe we should list what we've discovered and try to find a link. Some kind of order to it." She stood up and went into the bedroom, coming out with a notebook and a pen. Then sitting back down, crossed legged on the floor, near the table. She put the notebook down and opened it. Ready to take notes. "Okay, so what was found first. Was it that cryptic note that we decoded?"

Agent Powers was quietly eating his burger and fries while drinking his pineapple Fanta. He listened to Alyssa and Peter as he chewed his meal. He had very little knowledge of the occult other than video games and the aftermath of the cults he crushed in the past. The symbolism in blood varied greatly and made no sense to him. He reply, “I had a few missions in the past with cults like this. They like to use blood to write stuff and use a virgin sacrifice, but it’s all Greek to me. I never understood the whole point of what they do or why.” Agent Powers then took another bite.

"Yes the decoded notebook with the statement about the scalpel,” Sartre said.

"Notebook - Scalpel of Ragley. Why call it the Scalpel of Ragley?" Maybe that should be the next question, Alyssa thought as she opened the door to retrieve her milkshake from room service. Then closed the door, as soon as the server left.

"That's what it's called in the notebook.” Peter responded.

"I meant more, why is it called that in the notebook?" Alyssa tried to explain, as she downed some of her shake. "Let's just get back to that. What was next? Was anything found after the notebook but before we went to the Halliwell's house?”

"Nothing after the notebook.” Peter responded.

"So, the Halliwell mansion. The Book of Shadows, anything in that I need to note?" She hadn't actually seen that particular book, and as far as Alyssa knew it was still in the house.

"The fact that someone broke into an 18 year old abandoned house, conducted rituals and left a very powerful book there along with a wraith in a jar. and wrote "RC" and "104 years ago" on the walls in blood.” Peter commented. "The End Rite is much more powerful than The Book of Shadows."

"Well, there's all of that, but I was getting there." Though Alyssa said it matter of fact, not any kind of snark to it. She did write all that down however. Then added. "And basement Shade creatures and the End Rites." And sighed, as she looked over the list. "This is more like advanced math than 1 + 1 = weird things happening." She still thought they were missing something vital to the equation when her cell phone buzzed. Alyssa had a fully encrypted Illuminati phone and so she knew it was someone from there. "Yes," Alyssa said after answering the call. Then a look of surprise, followed by a slight grin. "I certainly will. Thank you."

Alyssa hung up the phone, looked at the two men and said. "Apparently, the Dragons reached out to our side. They want to collaborate on the investigation. I was given Sung's number.”

"Sounds good. Are you enjoying your burgers?" Sartre finished his.

"Yes, it's good," Alyssa had been eating it but in-between the other things she was doing so it was taking her a while to finish it.

"I'll call him." Alyssa made the phone call.

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