Lunch Served

JP with Jaxx, Trustno1 and Cindy

Meanwhile, Agent Powers secured himself in his room and went to the bathroom to turn back into Max. Granted he was not wet from the rain in Agent Powers form, he still rinsed off. Then he ordered a large number of drinks, burgers and fries from room service. Once he hung up the phone he took a shower. He found a hot shower helped him relax. The memories of the blood writing flowed in his thoughts as he wondered if he had ever seen them before. Sadly all that voodoo stuff looked the same to him since he didn’t see the difference in the design. He felt like he was useless since all he could do was fight while Alyssa and Peter could figure out the clues to the investigation. He figured this was another crazy test by his adopted father to give him more experience. Sadly some of the members of the Illuminati looked down on Max and had better ways to use him, which was why Max worked so hard to impress his father. Once he was dressed up as Agent Powers, he heard the knock on his door and found the room service guy with his food order. After he tipped the waiter he rolled his cart to the room he was supposed to meet Alyssa and Peter in and knocked on the door.

Sartre spoke in a whisper. "It's going to be storming again tonight, just as it did today. You asked me to stay with you the other night, May I do so again? I felt safe with you. Also; after you fixed the door To the room and asked me to stay with you as you were nervous. You immediately got extremely sleepy. How did you get so fatigued? Max should be coming in a few minutes.”

Alyssa looked confused for a moment. "I got suddenly exhausted?" She closed her eyes for a moment and shook her head. "I don't remember that." Thinking for a moment. "I don't know what's safe but it's probably safer with you in the same room as me. Alright, I'll stay here, and you can stay with me in the bedroom." She felt like there were little options. Things were getting too dangerous to be alone.

She heard the knock on the door, "Speaking of Max, that must be him." She opened the door. Alyssa was surprised to find Max with a cart full of food. She opened the door wider. "Come in," Alyssa smiled at Max, "Thanks for getting the food. You know if you ever get tired of being an agent you could try your hand as a food server.”

Agent Powers chuckled at Alyssa as he pushed the cart in the room. He replied, "Ha...Ha...I don't know about that, but I think I could make a career at professional wrestling. What do you think?" Agent Powers flexed his muscles and then gave Alyssa a smolder. Then he winked at her and said, "Can you smell it? Can you smell the burgers?”

Does one have cheese bacon and mayo? How do you think this all fits together Max and Alyssa? How long should it take for your computer to decode those sigils Alyssa?”

Agent Powers looked at the food then at Peter as he replied, “Uhh…. Feel free to add or take off whatever you want. The sauces are in the cups if you want them.” Agent Powers pointed at the silver metal cups with ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise or bbq sauce. Then he fixed himself a burger with everything on before he began eating.

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