Talk Before Lunch

JP with Trustno1 and Cindy

Sartre said, "Burgers and fries from room service will be good. Great idea Max. There has to be a way to fit all this together. Maybe Pastor Duane can help tomorrow, Alyssa can you run those programs while we eat lunch. Oh, another thing, about tradecraft, new agents, the best way to hide things is to have them in plain sight. We can talk about the secret world in a public place, if we do it right no one will notice.”

"Sure," Alyssa replied. "I can run them from my laptop." She started the van and they headed back to the hotel. She mentioned to Max to come to Peter's room when he was ready.

Back at the room, Alyssa managed a hot shower to warm up, dried and into clean and not soaking jeans and a white tank covered by a red and black flannel shirt.

Back in the main part of the suite. She turned to Peter, "I'm sorry. I'm really not used to people wanting to take care of me, even for safety reasons. I realize I'm probably over thinking and perhaps over reacting to your offers.”

Sartre wanted to speak to Alyssa as well, there was no easy way to put the questions that he was going to ask. “Alyssa; you can sleep anywhere you want tonight. Are you strong enough to take on the nightmares? The other night, while you were having a nightmare, you were mentioning something about your mother and your father. When I…….. did some profiling, I saw the images of your father disappearing in a portal, do you know anything about that? Are you willing to talk about that? I just don’t want anything happening to you. And that vision of someone in your hotel room. I don’t know who that was. You think you could handle them?”

"Well, my mother is still alive and well and living on Long Island though I don't speak to her often." The computer hacker began.

Alyssa sighed and took a seat on the couch. How could she explain what has been happening to her or that she never told anyone? "I don't know if I can handle them. I've dealt with nightmares for the past five years on my own but last night's, it feels like it was different."

She was sure that sounded odd. "I can't help much. I don't remember what happened that day with my father. I remember being in my van, him using my chip to tell me he needed something but even those details are fuzzy. I remember going to the building he was in and then nothing. I woke up two days later in my van with no memory of anything for that entire time. Ever since then, weird things have been happening. I feel that they happened but I come out of whatever it is with no memory of any of it, just a strong feeling. I sometimes find myself doing something I don't remember why I'm doing it or how I ended up somewhere. I used to always remember my dreams and now I don't remember anything about them.”

It was in a sense terrifying, Alyssa would sometimes think she was losing her mind. The only thing probably keeping her from committing herself was that she knew enough about the secret world to understand that wasn’t it. "I wish I could tell you more.”

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