Splinters and A Mess

JP with mdman, Redsword, Jaxx, Trustno1, Lorem and Cindy

Note: this goes before Meanings

With the attacks of the others Agent Powers, Choi, and Sartre the last of the skeletons were destroyed. As the last skeleton fell from the gunfire so did the silence in the room. There were bones everywhere; this was a mess to behold.

It was a deathly quiet now eerie type of feeling. the smell of decayed bone, dust, and gunpowder filled the air. something was not far off something that instinctively made the group question themselves about what they were doing in the catacombs, more like a crypt now.


As the adrenaline wore off and his heart began to slow with Choi taking deep breathes, Yeong began to realize he was wounded. Looking down, he saw the splinters sticking from his body, as if he had been dragged over several cacti.

“Ouch!” Choi whimpered, plucking one from his chest. A small crimson dot showed from beneath his dobok. He looked up and said, “I may need a little help,” as he plucked another with a wince.

Alyssa went over to Choi. "Sung, I might need backup with this." Knowing the older Dragon had healing powers. She said to Choi, "Unfortunately, this might sting a little. You might want to sit down, if you can find some place."

Once Yeong was settled, she touched his arm gently, the splinters started to leave his body. She had to repeat this measure a few different places to make sure to get everything. Something noticeable happened, once the splinters hit the ground they disintegrated. Her mind had worked like this: fixing people was part of her power. She couldn’t fix everything though. Broken bones, cuts - sure. An internal organ not so much. But this was part of putting Yeong's skin back together and in doing so it forced the splinters out. She had no idea the fragments would disintegrate like that. After about two minutes, and checking over Yeong twice, Alyssa finally said, "I think I got them all.”

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