The Direction of Evil

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Choi respectfully bowed to Alyssa, the mystery girl. She had been a mystery from his first contact with her through Sartre. He respected her for her spunk and her abilities.

“I explained to Master Sung that I believe this entity we seek almost killed Master Park, my mentor,” he explained. “So, we shall work together to seek revenge for our mentors: your father, and my trainer.”

Her father, yes. Her mentor? Alyssa wasn't so sure about that. She though knew this was the wrong time and her relationship with her parents too personal to discuss, so she nodded in agreement, but then added, "If it is the same thing - I have an overwhelming feeling that it wants me. I can't say why it hasn't taken me, if that's the case.”

Agent Powers did his best to memorize the image of Alyssa's father but since he knew he would mess that up he whipped out his phone and took a picture of the screen image so he could see it more often to remind himself to not shoot him if possible. He replied, "Thanks. Let me know if we run into anyone else I need to avoid shooting at." Agent Powers then gave a smolder before scouting the area again.

The database revealed answers, though Alyssa wished there were more. "It says here that. Randolph Carter went insane and an occultist named Harley Warren disappeared in a Florida swamp as he was investigating with Carter. Carter claimed that he had not killed Warren, but Warren had entered into a decaying mausoleum in the swamp and was accosted by several strange creatures that Warren could not describe before being killed. Carter, supposedly, ran away from the scene." She paused, waiting to see if any additional information came through. "That's all I have for now but I'll keep running it.”

"How could the coin get here specifically and at all times, why now? Do you remember this coin?" asked Sartre.

"I don't think we should dwell on questions we might never get answers to," Alyssa responded. "I believe maybe it's the ...whatever it is...way of telling me that it can reach me anywhere. Or maybe it's something else but without being able to ask my father we might never know. If anything else comes up, I'll let you know." They needed to get on to the actual pressing issue.

"Does anyone have suggestions, which direction we should go?" asked Sartre.

Choi gave an empathetic facial expression toward Alyssa. She and he, it seemed, had a common goal.

“Just give me a moment,” Yeong answered.

He began the slow methodical motions of dahnmudo. Eyes closed, breathing slowed, he began to reach out with his inner senses. The two ways were as different as night and day. One way, Choi sensed no presence. The other, pure evil. He had no way of sensing any mechanisms, as they would have no spirit presence.

After taking in the input, Choi opened his eyes, saying, “No spirit sensed that way,” he pointed to the right. Pointing to the left, he added, “That way….is heavy with evil.”

Alyssa sighed, "Well, I guess then we should head left." Part of her really wanted to go right, though.

Agent Powers popped his neck and prepared his golden holy shotgun for action. He replied, “Left it is then. If Choi is right about what’s ahead, then Alyssa make sure you stay behind me. When all hell breaks loose.” Then he began walking down the left path.

"Then; I guess we'll go left." said Sartre as he reloaded the magazine to his MP5 assault rifle. “Alyssa, that purple talisman I gave you the other day, Do you have it on? Does it make you feel more powerful and confident when you use it?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm wearing it. And yes it does." Did she need to feel more confident, Alyssa wasn't sure. She was pretty confident but exploring catacombs with evil entities running around wasn't exactly something she was used to. Still, she wore it, it made her feel better which made Peter feel better, she assumed. After all, this was the third time today he had made sure the hacker still had on the bracelet. So, she took it as important because it was important to him.

Choi looked at Eun-Ji. He had an idea that just might help bring the group fair warning of any traps or ambushes.

“Miss Moon,” Yeong inquired, “Do you believe some of your images can go ahead of us?”

Eun-Ji had been silent as the grave. Her attention was but partially on the group’s conversation and more focused on the uncertainty and unpredictability of their present environment. During her hunts with her older brother, she learned that evil was not like a video game where it just waited for you trigger hit boxes or arrive at certain locations. Evil could be calculating and easily be irrational, passive aggressive as easily as violent, and spinning a trap as much as on the assault. Though she looked calm, Eun-Ji was in her feeling of her chaotic potential; exercising her intuition.

She nodded to Yeong’s request. She spared one illusion of herself to venture down the path towards pure evil. It moved convincingly, as it held two hammers, like she was cautiously exploring. Her other illusions stayed with her. “One should suffice as bait, giving any ambush the confidence of an easy target.”

Sartre followed close behind the illusion, His rifle shouldered at the ready. He checked to make sure that everyone else was following behind the leading illusion. He listened for indicators Like footsteps or for signs like puffs of dust being moved across the dirt floor.

Choi waited for powers to move out, then followed. He held the sword down by his side.

Inwardly, Yeong was proud of his partner. She was utilizing her skills and abilities for the good of the party.

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