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Summary: Welcome to the best store in Renne, Assface. What can Miss Cheeky get you?

Miss Cheeky

Gender: Feminine programming

Age: zzzZZZzzz Error zzzZZZzzz

Group: NPCs

Character Information

Character Information: Miss Cheeky was a Miss Nanny originally. She was bought by a family to help with their child. That child was five when the bombs fell in 2077. The boys never saw his parents again. The Miss Nanny raised & protected him for years. Over time, the boy became angry at his Miss Nanny, his parents, and the world. He eventually hacked his Miss Nanny and gave it a rather rude upgrade. He also programmed her to become a merchant. Eventually, the boy died and Miss Cheeky kept working as a merchant. People have attempted to reprogram Miss Cheeky but no one can figure out how to fix her. People have attacked Miss Cheeky for her insults; some attackers have lived to regret their decision as she is very adept at using her pincers for more than handling Caps and goods. Miss Cheeky pays a mechanic a monthly fee to keep her working, that person is never insulted.

Known insults:
Assface, Bastard, Boob, Boobie, Boobies, Death, Dick, Dong, Fragile, Fuck, Fucker, Fuckface, Slit, Tit, Tittie, Toadie (can be combined if she really dislikes you)

Weapons: 3 Pincers

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Image of Miss Cheeky
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