How Can I Make Your Day Worse?

Miss Cheeky was managing her inventory when a customer came up. She spun one of her three eyes around. "Welcome to the best damn store in Renne, Tittie. What can Miss Cheeky get you?" Miss Cheeky could tell this was a new customer. She didn't care. "I have a wide array of weapons for your jilted lover to kill you with, you cheating bastard."

Miss Cheeky had no clue this guy was actually cheering on his fiance. This guy had no clue Miss Cheeky was just being a cheeky bitch and didn't know one thing about his private life. The guy started stammering, getting, red, and finally yelling. Miss Cheecky wasn't going to put up with that. She moved closer and grabbed him where he really didn't want to be grabbed by her pincers. "Do not threaten Miss Cheeky. Your lover will not like the result." She gave a good hard squeeze, not enough to do serious damage but enough that it caused a lot of pain, and possibly drew blood. The guy started screaming in a very high-pitched voice.

Miss Cheeky's favorite person in the world came over, the guy who kept her repaired. "Miss Cheeky!" She turned her eyes to him. "Jimbo! Do you need to buy something?" Jimbo rolled his eyes. "Let him go." Miss Cheeky if she could huff would. She let go. The man ran off holding his crotch. "Miss Cheeky did anyone sell you what I been looking for?" Miss Cheeky checked her memory. "Possibly, some trader offloaded a bunch of junk. Didn't really look at it." She led Jimbo to the junk in her storage room. Jimbo looked around. "Perfect." Miss Cheeky looked at it. It wasn't worth much. "You can have it Jimbo." Jimbo hugged Miss Cheeky.

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